Management Monday- Testing Tip

With testing week just around the corner, my mind is swarming with things I need to remember to do/teach before testing arrives.
One thing that I did years ago was make these cute and fun testing dividers. (I call them testing centers.)
It took me a while to get them all made, but it was definitely worth the time and effort! We use these guys all the time in our class. 
I love them for a couple of reasons:
  1. It helps students stay focused. They can't look around at their friends. They don't know when each other finish, so they don't feel the pressure of being the last one done.
  2. It helps prevent cheating. It's very hard to look off of someone else's paper when these guys are up.
  3. The motivational messages {hopefully} help boost confidence and {hopefully} helps remind them to always do their best. 
I made them so that no two are exactly alike. It's fun because students never know what theirs will say.

It you'd like to make some, here's the 'how to':
  • Take two file folders. Glue them together so that the two sides overlap about an inch. Reinforce with a staple on each end.
  • Glue down a background color. (I used black.)
  • Cut out and glue various inspirational messages and other cute embellishments (stars, smilie faces, stickers, etc.).
  • Laminate.
These guys will last quite a while. I've used mine every year for 4 years and they're still in great condition. 

Happy testing everyone!
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