I'm baaaack! I've been on a cruise to the wonderful Eastern Caribbean!  My hubby and I had a wonderful trip and are still trying to re-coop. 

Here is my problem,  our lovely blog is experiencing some technical difficulties. Some, if not all of the downloads are not working.  Ugggggghhhh. I cannot figure it out and we {Natalie and I} are trying to work it out. I can download everything on my computer with no problem. I have a MacBook Pro and I use Firefox.  I also have an updated ADOBE {click here to find out more about that}. It seems like the problem is with Safari and Googledocs, but we're still working on it! :)

Do me a favor, ok? Try to download the Spring Word Search {here} and the Earth Day Unit {here}-This one says it will not scan for viruses because the file is too big, but it will download if you click download! If it does not automatically download, please LET ME KNOW in a comment below {include what internet engine you use-firefox, safari, etc}.  If it does automatically download, please LET ME KNOW in a comment also and let me know the internet engine.

Questions:  whattheteacherwants@gmail.com

Thank you for your love and support! We love our viewers!!!!!
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