Book in a Day!

I have been attending a history class through my district for about 3 years. I learn lots of fun, engaging strategies to teach social studies each time I attend. One strategy that I love is called: 

Book in a Day.

This is simple. Choose a book that you want students to read. This would be a book that has important information, but something that you wouldn't be able to spend reading aloud for weeks. (You would need to have multiple copies of the same book for this to work.)

I'm using this book with my sub tomorrow.  

Just assign each group one chapter and have them fill out this form as they go

I love this form for a couple of reasons. First, because I designed and created it from scratch (hehe!) and second, because it helps students increase their vocabulary and work on their reading comprehension skills (summarizing, determining importance and synthesizing).

After everyone's done, have each group present to the class so each student gets to hear the important parts of the whole book. 

Like it?

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