Management Monday-Positive Postcards

About once a month I choose a student to receive the "positive postcard".  I actually mail a postcard to their house!  They love receiving mail from their teacher. Their parents especially love's sure nice to know that their child is succeeding.

{click the picture for the downloads of front of postcard}

{Click the picture below to download the back of the postcard} 

A fellow follower of our blog (Priscilla) shared a great way to buy postcards too (designed by you) on! I actually printed my own wedding thank you's (with the help of Air) and sent them out!  A lot of things are FREE and you just pay really overpriced shipping. :)

I always keep record anytime I send a postcard. I actually keep record of any behavioral problems AND successes that I have in my classroom. I keep them in a binder like this:

You can download the cover of this binder by clicking {HERE}

The binder has tabs with each students name on it.  I keep this sheet in their tab, along with an informational sheet (parents contact info, student allergy info, etc).

{click the picture for the download}

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