Management Monday!

I've been asked about organization in my classroom.  Here are some tips that I have for you.

1.  No one is truly/perfectly "organized".  What might be organized to you, might seem messy to someone else.

2.  Take 5 minutes each day to put away items that you used that day and no longer need.  If you wait until the end of the week, it can seem overwhelming.

3.  Teach your students to take care of items that they use in the classroom (ex: centers, classroom books, papers in desk, etc).

4. Plan book- EVERY teacher needs a plan book of some sort.  I love the DJ Inkers plan book found {here}.

5.  Weekly organizer- It is essential in organizing your worksheets, activities, and books for the week. Sarah has a great idea on her blog First Grader At Last.  I use this one and love it (from Lakeshore):
6.  Storage tubs are also important to organizing your craft supplies, centers, games, manipulatives, etc. I probably have 30 or more in my classroom! I love the clear ones with colored lids, but they can get pricey. I also organize my decorations for each season/theme above my cupboards in storage tubs.

7.  Everything has a place and there is a place for everything. I live by this little saying. Your classroom supplies should be easily accessible by a sub or teammate.

8. Take about once a month and clean your classroom.  I know that you have custodians who come and clean each day, but they can only do so much in that little amount of time.  I like to clean my desk, cupboard tops, and dust a little (nothing crazy).  Then, before we go off track each time, my students clean the tops and insides of their desks.  

9.  If you are like me, grading and passing back papers are quite time consuming. This little gadget here that I got at has been a LIFE SAVER (I could not find a link for you, but I did find one at the Container Store and as a teacher you can get 15% off).  I have the students turn their work into their folder (class number).  Then, when I correct papers, they are already in alphabetical order and I can just slip them into their take-home cubbies.

10.  Label, label, and LABEL.  Not only is it really cute to label everything and it helps your students' vocabulary, but it helps you as a teacher locate items quickly.

I have included my organizational tags for you.

{Click the picture for the download}

 {Click the picture below for the download}

Here are a couple blogs that have great organization ideas!

Head over to Ladybug Teacher Files for a linky party on storage


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