Poetry (Help Needed!)

Hi everyone! My name is Jessie and I teach 4th grade with your regular blogger Natalie. I am currently working on my Master's project and was hoping we could help each other. I am creating 20 poetry/6 traits of writing lessons and am needing some feedback before I publish. I am sharing a few of the lessons with you in hopes for your ideas and suggestions back.

 I am looking for anything from grammatically correct, to ease of reading and following, to ideas to just make it better. Although these lessons were made for upper elementary grade students, they could easily be adapted for any grade. If you teach a lesson in your classroom, there is a rubric you can just email back to me. I hope through these lessons my love for poetry will come across in your classroom too. Thanks for your help. For any feedback or ideas email me at jcannon@alpine.k12.ut.us Enjoy!!

(Click the above picture for a download, or just click HERE!)

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