Management Monday!

This is a management tip brought to you by the one, the only........

Ok, well not really! It's from me, but Dr. Seuss was a big influence!

During my Dr. Seuss unit (yes, I do a unit- and yes, I'm going to share it with you later today), I use a Cat in the Hat stuffed animal for a management tool.

I tell the kiddos that if they work quietly during independent work time, then Cat in the Hat might be put on their desk! They can read to him, sit him on their lap while they work...but they can't disrupt anyone with him.  If you lay out clear expectations before, they will do just fine. {You don't have to use a Cat in the Hat...any stuffed animal will do the same thing}

I promise you, your class will be SILENT all week.  Almost a little too silent. :)

I bought this Cat in the Hat at Kohl's
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