Are you a bucket filler?


A teacher on my grade level introduced me to this FABULOUS book. Then, I started googling (it's a verb) away! I found multiple ideas and much inspiration from Mrs. Walker's ClassThe First Grade Parade, and this cute video on SchoolTube .  I wanted to know how to implement a "Bucket Filling" system in my class. I think it's so important for all of my first graders' buckets be filled to the brim.  I love to see my 1st graders laugh and smile. It's almost as important as learning. But no worries folks....
we laugh, smile, AND learn!
Read the book,  "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?".  Talk to your kiddos about how to be bucket fillers and how to NOT be a bucket dipper. I made it into a chart because the utter lack of space!  And...I'll probably be a rotating classroom next year.  I would love to buy actual buckets for each of my kiddos, but where would I put them?

Each student has their own bucket. 
These are made from library pockets and scrapbook paper.

First person to guess where I got this bucket gets a gold star!

 A student can fill another students bucket by filling this out:
*Students may NOT look in any one else's bucket (this is a private thing)!
*We will get any notes from our bucket on Friday's and if you want to fill a bucket, you can do it during any independent time.
*We talk about what happens if our bucket is empty (sometimes this happens, but we just keep filling others buckets). And, this doesn't mean that our inner buckets aren't full.
*I even have a bucket and I know I'll be so excited/happy when mine is full too!

Have you filled a bucket today?

Click {here} for 3 cute *free* downloads for Bucket Fillers that I made especially for Y.O.U.!

Clipart and or fonts copyright Diane J. Hook and used with permission.
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