Get movin' with MATH!

Last night my school had a community math night.  My 1st grade team had to come up with 2 activities to do for the "numbers and operations" standard in math that could be differentiated for ALL elementary grade levels and abilities. 
We incorporated math with movement!
We did math hopscotch and beach ball math.

Math Hopscotch
  • Masking tape
  • Paper numbers (or you can use tape)
  • 2 markers (we used puff balls)
According to grade level or ability, the student can add the 2 numbers, subtract, multiply, identify the numbers, find the mean of the 2 numbers, etc.  

Beach Ball Math
  • Any ball 
  • Sharpie 
Toss the ball to another player in the circle. That player looks at the numbers that their thumbs landed on.  According to grade or ability, they can add, subtract, multiply, {etc.} those 2 numbers!

Click {here} for complete directions to download!

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