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The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher Have you ever read this book? It was our required textbook during my methods of classroom management class in college. I absolutely love this book and read it EVERY year before school starts.

 I love how this book illustrates how important the first couple hours/days/weeks are to a successful school year.

This past year, before I began the year, I created a Powerpoint with all my rules, expectations, procedures, etc. Then, I spent the first couple days of school going over the Powerpoint so my students knew exactly which behaviors I expected from them.

It was also very helpful to go over this Powerpoint after my students came back from Christmas break, and I also plan on going over it again after spring break.

If you'd like to view my Powerpoint,
 click here:

I know there's no way anyone could use my exact Powerpoint since we all have different rules, expectations, rewards, consequences, etc. But feel free to use whatever you can.

Here are some examples of the things I've included:
Just wondering... which rules/expectations/procedures/etc are most important to you?

*  *  *

After getting many requests for an editable version of this PowerPoint, I have recently created a new and improved (and EDITABLE) version of this resource. It is available in my TPT store by clicking here

For a fun way to motivate students to have good behavior, please check out these cute behavior incentive awards:


Alicia Lochridge said...

I love "The First Days of School"! Even though I've been teaching for almost a decade, it is worth revisiting. Our district had Mr. Harry Wong come and speak to us when we were just starting to teach. He's so energetic and entertaining.

Some of my favorite procedures are those that lessen interruptions. These include:

-C3 B4 Me
-going to the restroom: raised hand with pointer finger and middle finger crossed
-getting water: raised hand with pointer, middle, and ring finger up (in shape of a W)
-getting a tissue: raised hand with pointer finger up

My students know to give me sign language and I give them a silent thumbs up or a head nod in return.

I like your idea of using a PowerPoint for the students. I have one for parents during Open House...I will definitely work towards a student friendly version.

Thanks, as always!

First Grade Factory

Claire said...

Using a PP presentation with the students is a really good idea, I will definitely try that next year.

Most of my rules are the same as your, but I'd have to say my most useful procedures are walking in the hallway, follow along and 3 before me. I also love using my voice-o-meter to control classroom noise level.

Rachelle said...

Love this! I have thought about making a video of my expectations. Maybe have my kids from this year help me with it? I could film them outside at recess and narrate it and talk about the rules at recess, etc. :) What do you think?

Alicia Lochridge said...

Totally cute idea, Rachelle! Our principal shows a slideshow depicting school rules using students! They are so engaged and excited to see their friends.

First Grade Factory

teacher2mom said...

I LOVE this book. I would read it before each school year to refresh my memory. I think less rules, the better. I taught first grade though, so I wanted to keep it SIMPLE. We followed our school rules:
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Be Successful

Very positive and they cover it all. We would definitely have explanations almost daily to make sure we were trying our best!

Shelly said...

What a great idea! I have a PowerPoint that I use for Back-to-School night for the parents, but I don't know why I never thought of making one for the kids. I think a video would be totally cute as well. A little beyond my expertise at the moment, but sounds fabulous!

Kimberly said...

I love this book too! A few years ago, I had my kids make a video of the classroom rules. We watched it at the beginning of each month (for 3 months) until my computer crashed and I lost it. I should really do that again. My kids LOVED it!

Kristen said...

This is awesome (of course!). I love your Powerpoint!

I'm big on practicing quick transitions, Reader's Workshop rotations, and materials use.


Ladybug's Teacher Files

Laura said...

Great idea! I feel silly that I haven't already been doing that!

A random question for you (not sure if you have ever mentioned this before)...what is the Principal's 200 Club?

Lindsey said...

i love that book and i don't think i would have survived my first year without it!! it is a MUST READ for all new teachers! great post:)


Jess said...

I love your powerpoint. Our school uses many of these same rules we use it in the form of our owl we call Sparky. We call them Sparky's rules:
S-speak only kind words
P-prepare at home to learn at school
A-always ask for helps
R-respect others
Y-you can be the best!
So the powerpoint was very helpful in explaining some of these rules to the kids. Also what is your Stop and Think form? Could you post it? It seems like a great idea when sending a child next door.
Thanks again!

Mrs. A said...

I also had to read this book for my classroom management class in college. Actually Dr. Wong spoke at one of our system's professional days this year. Creating a power point for the beginning of the year was the biggest thing that stuck with me after listening to him.

Yours looks FABULOUS! It really made me think about some tweeking I can do to mine for next year (especially since I will have a smart board to use it with next year!!) Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that book too! I also really like "The Cornerstone" by Angela Watson.

The procedures I think are most important are transitioning quickly, lining up quietly, walking in the halls, and listening when I'm speaking. I make sure that as we practice them the children are doing it just like I want them to. If not, we keep practicing until they get it right.

Just thinking about that first week makes me tired!

Cathriona said...

I love your powerpoint. It is a great idea! Where did you get your cute background?

Kim said...

Love it! We actually talked in our team about starting a money thing, so I was wondering what you use for your dollars. Did you make up some cute masters or do you use play money? Thank you!

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

I love, love, love Harry Wong. The book was my savior my first year of teaching and it was truly an awesome, very successful year. I saw Harry Wong and his wife at my New Teacher Induction a few years ago and he was so animated, just amazing. Thanks for posting your rules, it really helps to compare with what i've got and do some tweaking! :) Love your blog!

Sharon said...

This is a great book and author. We heard him speak a few years ago and ever since I follow his routines faithfully. BTW, love your blog!

dbturner said...

Love your powerpoint. I would love to learn more about your school's discipline policy. If you would have time, I would appreciate any information you could provide to me. This is an area in which our school is lacking in my opinion. I would love to bring this idea to my principal!

Anonymous said...

I know that someone mentioned this already, but what is the Principal's 200 Club?

P.S. Thanks for sharing your rules and procedures with us! :)

Ms. J said...

I have been reading this book and love it!!

Katie Shininger said...

I love your background for the powerpoint. Where did you find it?
Thank you!

Kim said...

Your powerpoint was great!
I can't wait to try this with my sixth graders.
Where did you get that cute template?


Sweet Peas and Bumblebees said...

Your PowerPoint is amazing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! =) Where did you get your background? Also, would you be willing to share the actual PowerPoint? Our rules and expectations are so similar to yours!


Anonymous said...

I will definitely be using your ideas next school year. Very engaging and a great way to start a dialogue with the students.

A bit disturbed that students would need to pay to go to the toilet? I don't really get that.

Otherwise, thank you for your generosity in sharing.

Tracey Garrett said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Andria said...

At the end of the school year I have the students make a video of all of the classroom expectations. Then I use that at the beginning of the year to show the new students.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! :D Bravo!

Though, one slide does say, "put backpacks in you cubbies," and I didn't know cubbies ate backpacks!

Samantha said...

I love your powerpoint!!! I also love the background. could you share where it is from? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would like a copy of the powerpoint. For some reason I cannot load it. My email is Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi! Would you be able to email me the Powerpoint version of this?
I'd love to edit some pages that pertain to my class and would hate to redo since you did so much work!:)
Thanks a million!

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