Place Value Game {K-2}

Each year, when I teach place value, this is always my students' favorite game {my teammate gave it to me, she got it from}!
I have modified it so that k-2 can play it! 

It's called Bull's Eye

The students will play in groups of 3 (or in pairs).  Each group needs a bull's eye (included in the download) and 6 paper clips. Each student needs their own recording sheet (included in the download).

Player one throw each of their 5 paper clips on the bull's eye, one at a time, trying to get a bull's eye.  
{I had one of our school aides make me a set of bull's eye posters, but you don't have to do that because I've included a download for you}

Player one then records their points on their recording sheet by counting how many paper clips landed on the 1's and 10's (there is also an expanded form and 100's recording sheet).


Suzanne said...

I lOVE this!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

We are right in the middle of place value. This is going right into a math station next week. Thanks for sharing!
Ms. A
Oceans of First Grade Fun

Jodi said...

How fun!


Cara Carroll said...

Love, love, LOVE!!!! Thanks for sharing, girl!! This is awesome!! Happy weekend to you!! :)


Jenn Bates said...

LOVE THIS!!!!! Thanks, Rachelle!

Teaching Heart Mom said...

Very nice idea!

Delaney White said...

LOVE this!!

Katie and Steve said...

Thank you for sharing! Love this!

Katie Appel
Two Can Do It

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the download. What an engaging lesson idea!

Unknown said...

Thanks very much for the freebie. I can't wait to use this game with my students.

Kristi said...

This is awesome! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Do you do this with the hundreds place too?

Positively Learning said...

Just found this through Step Into 2nd Grade's place value post. My students will LOVE this, thanks! Jen

Unknown said...

This will be such a fun way to work on place value! Thank you so much, Tina

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run 3 said...

This value game is great and rewarding for academics.

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