Science Fair Time!!

I love the Science Fair and I love seeing my students come up with some amazing work! I have been absolutely blown away with some of the projects that have been turned in in the past.

But, let's be honest - the science fair is a TON of extra work.

Here are some resources that may help you as you get your own kiddos ready for the science fair:

#1 - I love this FREE Science Fair Handbook I found on TpT.

#2 - These beautiful scientific method signs were made by the fabulous Kristen from Ladybug's Teacher Files. LOVE THEM!

#3 - I great visual to walk students through the steps involved in a science fair project. (I espcecially like how it emphasizes the fact that some times we have to try again.)

#4 - Discovery Education offers Science Fair Central, a fabulous resource for teachers, parents and students!

#5 - has thousands of Science Fair Project Ideas

#6 - A good article on the Scientific Process from Fact Monster.

#7 - YouTube - Two songs that teach about the scientific method through music. The first one is a rap and the second one is a sing-a-long.

Know of an awesome website or resouce that I'm leaving out? Make sure to leave a link in the comments so we can all add it to our science fair files! Thanks!!


Rachelle said...

Here's a free bunch of posters for younger grades {I use them in my classroom and they're perfect for 1st grade}.

Rachelle said...

Oh and this post is good for younger grades thinking of doing a science's from me! :)

Jess said...

Thanks for all the resources! The videos are great! Thankfully we don't have science fair until way later on in the year! Good luck with your project!

Rambling About Reading

Bryan said...

Here's a good video on how to complete a science fair:

Kristen said...

Natalie!! Thanks so much for sharing my link! But a way bigger thank you for sharing all of those other finds!!! What perfect timing too! Thanks so, so much :) :) :)

Unknown said...

Oh MY GOSH!!! THANK YOU for all your researched ideas! You cut planning time in half {actually a lot more than that}-thank you thank you thank you!

First Grade Fanatic!

Miss L said...

I LOVE the discovery education website, thanks for including it (and everything else)for others to explore!

Anonymous said...

What a great compilation of science fair ideas! I'm switching to something called Invention Convention's a pretty big deal in upstate SC, and more manageable for my kids, I think. I might be borrowing and adapting some of these science fair things, though.

Edmond Hill said...

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