Thanks for all who played along in my mini-giveaway of my Outlaw Words {Literacy Centers}.  I asked who was my first country concert.

It was.....

Billy Ray Cyrus {congrats Elisabeth}!!!!!   I remember going to the concert when I was 6 and feeling TRAUMATIZED! My mom kept yelling out "take your shirt off"to Billy Ray and all I could think was that she didn't love my dad anymore. HA! It's funny now and I don't even think I need therapy anymore! :)


We've had an egg overload in my classroom today!  Check out these fun activities we've done and it's only Monday! Whoa....spring break must be coming soon if we're this motivated.

I've been using resources from April's "Chickens Aren't the Only Ones" Unit. It's so amazing!  I've also been browsin' online {Who me? Browse online? No way!} and came across Hubbord's Cupboard April Theme.  LOVE!!

We did this little activity in my classroom too:

 We talked about oviparous and not oviparous animals.  The students picked an oviparous animal to write about.  They wrote the poem first.

Its started as an egg.
It hatched and grew.
It became a ______,
All brand new!

 Then, they cut out the egg and had to place the egg {not attach...yet} on the paper so they could see where to draw their oviparous animal so it looked like it was coming out of the egg.

After they drew their picture, they could make hold in their eggs to get it ready to put a fastener through. They used a push pin and poked their egg on the side and made a hold {I have them do it on the carpet so they don't poke themselves}.

Then they stick their fastener through their egg pieces and then through the paper.  Viola! You have the cutest darn oviparous animal hatching from an egg!

Then, we wrote about how egg-cellent we are!  I had the students write; I'm egg-cellent at _____ because _____.  They had to write about 5 or more things they were egg-cellent at.  I also bribed asked them to have good handwriting because the handwriting fairy was surely watching them.  I was AMAZED at their writing AND their handwriting. Mrs. Smith is one proud teacher.

Can you read that last sentence? HILARIOUS!  
"I'm egg-cellent at sleeping because I never snore." Bahahahahaha

One of my cuties {not the one above} wrote:
 "I'm egg-cellent at filling buckets because I filled 7 buckets today".  Ahh.....cute!

I hope you are all having a great week! I'm having a great week because it's a short week!
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