It was Teacher Heaven

Anytime you get a LOT of teachers in a room {especially blogging teachers}, plus food, plus cheesecakes, and you've got the equation that's FABULOUS and wayyyy too much fun {4 hours of fun at Cheesecake Factory}.

I put everyone's blog URL on this post. So, PLEASE visit each blog and become a follower!

I was in Heaven.  It was the most fun EVER!  Thank you to Hadar for setting this all up.

 Franme, and Hadar
Fran was PERFECT! She's HILARIOUS, energetic, knowledgeable, talented, and just amazing. 

 Look at these cuties!

These ladies were full of ENERGY that I loved!!!!  Tammy and Christy teach together and just started a blog. Go ahead, check out it's fabulousness.  Sandy is a SWEETIE!!!!  She's got the cutest blog and I loved meeting her! Michelle student taught at my friend Sharon's school!  What a small world! She's got a great blog and facebook page!  Kristin....I LOVE HER! I told her she need to write a book. What do you all think?

 Fran brought us Hey Girl pictures. Michelle, Sharon {my most favorite Hostess EVER}, Catherine {who came from Vegas...LOVE HER!},  Gwyn, and Lindsay.
I didn't get to talk to these ladies at the end of the table as much as I would have loved. Next time, right?

 Group shot, minus Vicky {she was a tad bit late}.  But I did get to talk to her and I just love her!!! You can't see it, but I sat next to Kathy!  I adore her!

 Heidi was there! I felt like I was meeting a celebrity! :)  

Me, Annie, Hadar, and Traci
These ladies and I talked for hours!!!!  I admire each of them! a fabulous mommy who is SO gifted!  The things she does to help her little girls learn, is so AMAZING!  Traci is a triple threat! She's a teacher, blogger, and clip art maker!  Cha-ching! :)

This is my soul sista! Hadar is FABULOUS. I cannot say enough about her. She's an amazing teacher, creator, never says no-er, and a do it all-er!  We are thisclose, especially because we shared cheesecake. :)
Sharon...did you really think you could get out of being in a picture? Love ya!

Seriously ya'll, I cannot explain how much I love the teacher blogging world.  We understand each other!  We know each other without even meeting! :)  

Are you ready to meet-up again? Are you going to I Teach K in Vegas July 9-12?  I know I don't teach kinder, BUT I don't live far from Vegas and some of my DEAR friends will be presenting and/or going. It's the perfect time to meet-up again for a HUGE partay. 
REMEMBER, you don't have to have a blog to come!  

There will be more information to come! Spread the word!

Are you interested in meeting up in Vegas? 
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