The Ultimate Battle: Bieber vs. Skywalker

This time of year gets hectic.  The regular behavior management ideas that were working perfectly, no longer do the job.  They *kinda* work, but the kiddos aren't excited about them.

I like to find celebrities/topics that my students are obsessed with and make a behavior management tool out of it!

Enter:  Bieber and Skywalker:

Or perhaps you like the more "kid-friendly" pictures of these two. How adorbs:

Most  of the girls are OB.SESS.ED with Justin Bieber {I call him "the biebs"} and the boys love them some Luke Skywalker.  Here's how the management works. You need to show the students the picture of Beiber and Skywalker.  Tell them that need to choose a team.  Do they want to be on Team Bieber or Team Skywalker {it's not a boys vs. girls thing on purpose, but it might turn out that way}?  They use a tag to show their love for whichever celebrity they chose {it's for me to keep track of who is on what team}. They attach that to their desk:

When I *catch* someone from Team Bieber or Team Skywalker on task, I will give them a point.  If they misbehave, they lose a point {I usually don't take points away, but at the end of the works}.

It looks as if Team Skywalker might walk away with a victory!!!

Whichever  team has the most points at the end of the day {or the end of the week} gets a prize. I like to keep it simple, ya'll.  So, if Team Bieber wins, we listen to a Justin Bieber song {an age-appropriate one for sure} as we clean up that day. This throws them in a fit of excitement and dancing. It'll bring you back to the time of *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys.  If Team Skywalker wins, we listen to the Star Wars Theme and let me tell you.....there will be loads of pretend light-sabers {which I totally thought they were called light-savers} and only thismuch dancing.

I know what you are thinking. This TEACHER IS CRRRRAAZZZZYYY.
And. You. Are. Correct.

You can download this 
behavior management freebie {here}. 
I cannot provide the "real" pictures of Biebs and Luke, but you can google those images easily.
 I did provide everything else for you!  

So, tell me..... are you on 
Team Bieber or  Team Skywalker?
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