I've had tons of question how I grade my spelling test based on my post from {here}.

My 1st grade team has manipulated our spelling lists SO much in the past few years. We don't use a particular spelling program, we've made up our own based on the common core.  There are 3 different spelling lists {modified, regular, and advanced} and they all pertain to one specific spelling rule.

Modified spelling test:

Each of the words is worth one point {score at the top left corner}.  Each word in the sentence is worth one point, each punctuation mark one point, and the capital at the beginning of the sentence is one point {score in the top right corner}.
This kiddo did great on her modified word list {only 8 words and 2 sentence}.  She missed the word "doe" because she spelled it "boe".  I mark this wrong starting in January {I give them some time to adjust to first grade before I throw that in}.  Then, she missed "goes" and "road" in her sentences for a total of 12 out of 15 points.

Regular spelling test:

This is the regular list.  12 words and 3 sentences.  She did really good! :)  No reversals, she remembered her punctuation, and she spelled all of the words right and met her spelling goal for the week.

Advanced spelling test:

This advanced list is tricky! They kiddos really have to learn the rule and study hard. They love to be challenged.  I like to keep the sentences the same so that I know they can also spell the regular words, too. Once again, there is a reversal of the "b".  If the reversal changes the word, I mark it wrong. But, if it for instance, was a letter "h" that was backwards, it wouldn't be wrong. I still knew it was an "h" and it didn't change the way I read the word.  Capeesh {is that how you spell that}?

How on earth do I give three spelling tests?  I give the advanced spelling test while the other students do their journals in the morning {or seat work, whatever you call it}.  Then, when the spelling test time comes, the advanced list kids work on their journal.  You could also have a parent come in every Friday and take the advanced or modified list kiddos in the hall and give their test to them.

During regular spelling time, I give the regular spelling test.  I have the modified kiddos at my desk with me so I can watch them and *cough*, help them out a smidgen. :)  They know they stop on #8 word and #2 sentence. They get to draw a picture on the back when they finish! I'm the nicest teacher.
I've also done it where the modified and regular spelling list kiddos are at their seats and I give the advanced kiddos their words in between saying the regular spelling list. WHEW! That sounds intense, but it's really not, if it's managed correctly and the students know their expectations.  So, we do a lot of procedure practice.

On Monday's, I introduce the spelling words and have the kiddos practice on this sheet {I introduce the regular word list because that's where most of the students will be}. I send home their spelling list in their homework folder on Monday. They HAVE to practice at home too! When I introduce on Monday, I find that is helps them with the format if we practice on a sheet that looks like the spelling test:

All throughout the week we go over the spelling rule, play games, review, work in centers, and practice in the hall with parents.

I've LOVED how the Spelling Club has gone in my classroom!  LOOK!  All of the students have been awarded a SUPER SPELLER!!  We love wearing our slippers during the spelling test on Fridays! I make a personalized goal with each of the students each week. It takes some time, but it's so worth it!

Fore more spelling ideas, games and free download; click {here}.

If you'd like to download my spelling practice sheets and 6 other testing sheets, click {here}.

I also use these for practice:

So, this leaves me with a few questions:
1. What spelling program do you use?
2. Do you like what you are doing?
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