Common Core and You {Part 5}

I know many of you have looked on my district's website for Common Core resources. It is a fabulous resource, but is SUPER overwhelming!  They have laid out all of units {which I only use for a reference, not an exact guide}, but I find it to be too much.  My team and I created this Scope and Sequence to align with the new Common Core and our district's website!  We haven't adapted the Math Common Core yet {next year} and so this Scope and Sequence will change again this summer.  I thought you might want to look at the format {keep in mind I teach 1st grade in year-round school}!

Click {here} to download a copy of the Scope and Sequence

And.....we've been working on Narrative {just like the Common Core demands me too}..... like always! :)
I read this book:


We pretended like I went missing! First, we fill out our story board by sketching a picture in each box {First, I always have my student fill out characters, setting, problem, and ending. Then, they fill out first, next, and last}:

They retell their story to 2 friends BEFORE they start writing.  I model each of these steps EXACTLY how I want them to do it. It usually take 2-3 days before we are finished with everything.

Then, they go ahead and write their story:

I have some student examples that I meant to take a picture of before I went off track...but dangit.... I forgot! I'll *try* to get into my classroom sometime this week to show you!

I've remade the story board and writing paper so that you can do it with your kiddos {without my name on it, HA!}.

Click {here} to download this

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