10 Things

I literally can't believe there are only a couple of school days left!! Where did the year go?? Seriously!!

I made some printables that I wanted to share with you all. I've been thinking about the school year and going over some of the great things we've done in class over the past 9 months. These printables will help your own students reflect on the year and remember all the important things you've taught them.

I'm excited to see all the great things they remember about the year. I hope to see fractions and the Revolutionary War on the list, but I also hope they remember the life lessons and skills I taught them - being nice to others, setting high goals, believing in themselves... I can only hope that they take more than just reading and science away from this year... I hope I've taught them MUCH MORE.

This FREE download includes 3 different printables, so you can copy the one that suits your needs best.

If you can, please leave a comment with some of the "lessons" you hope your students always remember!

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