Outlaw Day CrAzInEsS

Today, we had outlaw day!  All of my students dressed up in their cowboy get-up and we learned all about outlaw words, cowboys, and even some animals!
Next year, I'm going to do an "outlaw week"! There was just too much fun to squeeze into one day!

I gave each of my students a handkerchief with this little poem on it:

I found these sheriff badges at Walmart for .97 for 4! The best part is, I used them as a management tool. I told them they had to earn their badge with good behavior.

We ate horse feed {shredded wheat (hay) and Cherrios (oats)} and we had rope snacks {licorice}:

Look at these cute boots {it gave me the perfect excuse to bust out my $17.99 boots from Ross}:

And of course we did lots of practice with our Outlaw Words Centers:

Then, we did the silliest square dance.... EVER!  

It was such a FUN day!!!!!!

All of these activities in this post {plus some} are included in 

In this packet, you will find:

*Outlaw Word Book {large & small}
*Roundin' Up Words {oy and oi word sort}- with recording sheet
*Spinnin' Spurs {ight word practice}- with recording sheet
*Boots or Books? {oo word sort}- with recording sheet
* Sheriff's Round Up {words that end in y}- with recording sheet
*Horse Corral {words that end in y}- with recording sheet
*Outlaw Word Cards- with recording sheet
*Moo! {outlaw word game}
*Cowboy Sentence Corrall {sentences using outlaw words}- with recording sheet
*Don't Get Poked {silent letter game}- with recording sheet

Plus...Newly Added:
Outlaw Day
*Outlaw day note to parents
*Snack ideas
*Pennant Banner
*Handkerchief Poem
*If I were a cowboy
*If I were a cowgirl
*Cowboy/Cowgirl tree map {whole class and recording sheet}
*Cowboy/Cowgirl bubble map {whole class and recording sheet}

So, if you've already purchased this packet, go and re-download it for free in your purchases! If you haven't bought it yet, it will be on sale until Sunday night!

Click {here} to see it!
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