Measurement Time!

We are working really hard on standard and non-standard units of measure! I like to introduce them to Mr. and Mrs. Measurement and tell a story about each of them {I googled the images for the tools though...I don't have that clipart}:

 Mrs. Measurement is standard.  This means that she has only certain tools that she uses.  She is a model in measurement.  She never makes mistakes because she is very careful to use the correct tool to measure exactly.  She measures with timers, calendars, yardsticks rulers, measuring cups, scales, and even a thermometer.  She is always right!

Mr. Measurement is non-standard.  This means that he uses ANYTHING to measure with.  Sometimes he uses materials that may not be what you would imagine.  He can measure with his arm, finger, blocks, yarn, and can even measure with his hands like a make-believe balance.  Even though it sounds silly, his non-standard methods work!

 Today, we had some extra time after our assembly and so I did a little review activity with them. They wrote 2 sentences telling about Mr. and Mrs. Measurement and made a picture of what they thought they should look like:

Click {here} for that freebie!

We also will be working in our Measurement Books tomorrow {recording non-standard and standard ways of measuring time, capacity, length, temperature, and weight}:

Click {here} for that freebie!


Oh and we get to do this one {it's a favorite} on Monday:

I had my kiddos travel around the classrooms in pairs, looking for a candy bar they'd like to measure {I had 2 of each candy bard and about 10 different kinds}.  They first talk about how many inches the bar might be (estimate), then they take turns measuring it, marking it on their paper, and recording the name of the bar and the inches.

Click {here} for that freebie!

And last but not least, guess what's in my math tubs?  The most fabulous activities from Amy Lemons! I'm loving her Measurement Unit SO MUCH!!! Check it out {here}!

Did you make it to then end???  Sorry for the "length" of this one! No pun intended! :)

Clipart and/or fonts:
 KPM Doodles
DJ Inkers {used with permission from Diane J. Hook}
Kevin and Amanda

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