Parent Volunteer Gifts

As the year comes to an end {some earlier than others :) }, I always make sure that my parent volunteers know how much they are loved and appreciated!  I've been brainstorming some gift ideas for my parent volunteers. I got this idea from Crap I've Made!  Here's what I came up with:

I bought these cute scrapbooking scissors {about 1.00 a piece} from Amazon:

And I made this tag:

Then, I wrapped a pair of scissors in cellophane, tied some ribbon on it, and added the tag:

If you have a room-mom or a parent who you want to give extra thanks to, just add a book of scrapbooking paper, a photo album, and a paper punch! :)  I also have a few ideas from my post last year. Check it out {here}.

Do your students struggle with maintaining a tidy desk? Are they unmotivated to do so? My sweet friend, Erica had a request that I make a Desk Fairy Packet {inspired by the Handwriting Fairy}. I have for you, THE DESK FAIRY! :)  Check it out in my TpT store.

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