Care Bear Card

Like most teachers, I worry about my students all the time. Especially lately. I have had some pretty sad things going on with my students at school. Some kids just have rough home lives, and various other problems/illnesses/stresses, that make me want to cry most of the time.

Today, I came up with a cute way to help these students feel cared for. It's the Care Bear Card!
The bottom says:
Keep this card as long as you need.

When you feel better, return it to your teacher;

or give it to someone else who needs to know they’re cared for.

I laminated mine and wrote on it with a Vis-A-Vis; so they can be reusable. I have included my blank template below that you are free to use!
Please leave a comment to let us know what you do to cheer up your students when they're feeling sad!

(I do not believe the care bear image is copyright, but here's the link.)


Rachelle and Brian said...

I do a "Positive Postcard" that I actually mail to a student who needs a pick-me-up or who I feel is really trying their best that week. :) It's always fun for them to receive mail from their teacher!

Sarah Cooley said...

This is so sweet. I might have to use this idea!!! Thanks very much!


mamam said...

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