Christmas Tree Geometry

I did this a couple years ago and thought this turned out really cute. It was a good way integrate math into our Christmas decor. I plan on doing it again this year; once I get back from Thanksgiving break.
I had my students take different nets; cubes, cylinders, pyramids, etc. and they made Christmas tree ornaments.

First, they got to decorate the nets however they wanted, then they folded and taped/glued them together, and then we hung them on our tree!

I will come back and post a picture when we're done. You'll notice there are many different types of polyhedra, which could be available for your students who need a challenge.

I'm so excited to start getting ready for Christmas. Check back here for lots of cute holiday classroom ideas!


Ms.M said...

What a nice idea. Last year, our Govenors wife asked our school to make some ornaments for 1 of her trees. So I began looking for an easy yet affordable way for my students to make ornaments. I never found one.

I will have to do this with my students this year. Thanks for the idea.

Mama McAfee said...

Thank you. I posted something on an early subject, but you had asked what we would like to see blogged about. I put reading. Anything to do with reading management, guided reading, book clubs, etc. Thx!

Richard Majece said...

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