I couldn't help it!

I know today is Thanksgiving and school is out...but just take note for next year! I did these cute pilgrims with my students and they turned out GREAT. I got the idea from my favorite 1st grade blog, The First Grade Parade. We learned about the hard times that the English Colonists went through. Look how cute our paper plate pilgrims turned out!
Yes! This is one of my students' work. She is a fabulous artist.

This student said. I have toys but the pilgrims did not.
How would you modify this to fit your grade level?


Ms.M said...

Very cute. I think because my students take VERY long to color I would use smaller plates. As for the sentence I would have jumbled the words & have them ct them out and put them in order. Because my students are ELL students and have a limited vocabulary I think I would have several pre selected, by the class, words to put in place of the blank space..

Rachelle and Brian said...

That's so great! I think small paper plates would be really cute! I will try that next year!

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