I just like food, ok?

I {heart} food, especially chocolate.  I like to push my love of food on my kiddos (well not really).

We measured candy bars with rulers.

In our 1st grade core, the students only need to know that rulers measure length.  They don't even have to know how to use the ruler. But of course, we expand upon that because it's good to expose them to it for their real world experiences. So if you teach 2nd, 3rd, etc....you could do this lesson, but be a little more strict on the measurements! :)

I am Rachelle, and I am addicted to {teaching} with FOOD. It's SO FUN! The kids are engaged and always give them a little taste of whatever food we worked with that day.

I didn't really care so much about the inches they wrote down because some of the candy was like 5 1/2 inches and that was for sure over their head (I just told them to write the number it was closest to. I just cared that they were working with their partner and not measuring backwards or upside down.

I had my kiddos travel around the classrooms in pairs, looking for a candy bar they'd like to measure {I had 2 of each candy bard and about 10 different kinds}.  They first talk about how many inches the bar might be (estimate), then they take turns measuring it, marking it on their paper, and recording the name of the bar and the inches.

{Click the picture below for the download}

Here is a Kinder/1st grade version you can use 
(with cubes and inches)! 

{Click the picture below for the download}

What do you'll do during your measurement unit?


Dana said...

LOVE this idea! A perfect reason to have candy bars lying around. :)

Amanda said...

Considering that I just made my husband hide candy bars in our house, this lesson would be hazardous to my health. Once I start, I can't stop! Haha! Cute idea!

Jennyfer said...

I LOVE this idea! What a wonderful excuse to load up on condy bars! You could also extend the lesson by making a graph and comparing the size of the candy bar!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Love this... I'm going to change it to nonstandard units for my K class! They will love it!
K. Davis

Rachelle said...

@ K Davis....I can change the worksheet for your Kinder class if you want! :) Just email me!

Sharlee said...

I love this idea!

Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH! I love, love, love it!!


Tami said...

Love the idea! Our next math chapter is measurement! This will be fun! THANKS!

Laura said...

Love this idea! I'm putting it in my math centers ASAP! The kids will actually be excited about measuring. Once they've all made it through the center I think we'll open them up and do some fraction work cutting them into pieces to share. ;)

I'm always looking for practice activities that use inches, since Trailblazers uses the metric system almost exclusively, but they need practice with both!!

Thanks for sharing!

:) Laura

Alicia Lochridge said...

I love the candy bar idea!! My husband said he'll buy me some candy bars...only if I'll bring them home for him to eat afterwards!!!

First Grade Factory

Katie Smith said...

You are totally awesome! So cute...what a great idea

Kathy Rose said...

Check out the measurement activities on SparkleBox. I especially love the one about Pinnochio. After I read the story they go around the room and measure the different noses. Then I cut a 6 x 12 piece of manilla background paper, a large die-cut circle for Pinnochia's head, and a green triangle for his hat. The kids make their own nose for Pinnochio then write a sentence at the bottom of their paper. "My nose measures _____ cm. The activity is in centimeters but it's a great activity to introduce and play with the centimeter ruler. If you haven't checked out SparkleBox, it is a MUST. It's a site from England so no .com behind it. Just google it and you'll find it and bookmark it for sure.

Madison said...

LOVE teaching with food.

Sarah Paul said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing:)

Alicia Lochridge said...

I just posted "Going on a Measure Hunt" on my TpT Store

These activities help students practice finding length using standard and non-standard methods.

The following three activities are included:
-Students will find items of specific length using an inch ruler.
-Students can measure the same items using inches and centimeters, and then compare the different units of lengths.
-Have students use non-standard methods of measurement by using string to learn the concepts of shorter than, same as, and longer than.

I love to have the kids measure and move at the same time. It's very engaging...and it's FREE!

First Grade Factory

Anonymous said...

What do I do during my measurement unit? Well, apparently I do THIS now!

Thanks for another fabulous idea!

Meagan said...

Love this idea! :)

Playing with Pixie Dust said...

Just had to feature this yummy activity today on our post.


Brittney said...

I ABSOLUTELY love this!!! I am student teaching right now and I have to teach a lesson Monday on Length. The students, my supervising teacher, and I are all motivated by food. I will be using this on Monday!!!

Lauren Blackmon said...

I can't get the kinder/first download to work. Any ideas? I really love the idea for an end of the year review activity.
Thanks- Lauren

Rachelle said...

Please email us and I can help you out! :)

Amy B said...

Great idea! I am also going to have my kids weigh them!!! Thanks!
Amy Burton

Anonymous said...

Food makes everything better! I thought about using the wrappers to measure perimeter.

PolkaDottyPlace said...

Thanks for sharing this really fun idea for measuring!! I made a few changes and my 2nd/3rd graders LOVED it! It was the perfect activity to get my kids excited about math during the last few weeks of school.

alma said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing. How about licorice? It could be cut into different lengths.

RED ARROW said...
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RED ARROW said...

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