Management Monday- Testing Tip

With testing week just around the corner, my mind is swarming with things I need to remember to do/teach before testing arrives.
One thing that I did years ago was make these cute and fun testing dividers. (I call them testing centers.)
It took me a while to get them all made, but it was definitely worth the time and effort! We use these guys all the time in our class. 
I love them for a couple of reasons:
  1. It helps students stay focused. They can't look around at their friends. They don't know when each other finish, so they don't feel the pressure of being the last one done.
  2. It helps prevent cheating. It's very hard to look off of someone else's paper when these guys are up.
  3. The motivational messages {hopefully} help boost confidence and {hopefully} helps remind them to always do their best. 
I made them so that no two are exactly alike. It's fun because students never know what theirs will say.

It you'd like to make some, here's the 'how to':
  • Take two file folders. Glue them together so that the two sides overlap about an inch. Reinforce with a staple on each end.
  • Glue down a background color. (I used black.)
  • Cut out and glue various inspirational messages and other cute embellishments (stars, smilie faces, stickers, etc.).
  • Laminate.
These guys will last quite a while. I've used mine every year for 4 years and they're still in great condition. 

Happy testing everyone!


Kristen said...

I love this idea Natalie! I'm definitely bookmarking this and making these this summer! Thanks so much!

Ladybug's Teacher Files

Unknown said...

This was one of those things where after I read your post I thought, "Now why didn't I think of that?!" I have dividers, but they are just a solid color. I love the idea of adding fun clip art and motivational messages to them! Thanks for sharing this idea! I love it!
~ Mrs. Mc
Little Literacy Learners

Ms.M said...

Alright I have to confess. I have a ton of these but they are just plain and boring. Thanks for inspiring me to jazz them up. What a wonderful idea. :)

Ms. MMs.M's Blog
A Teacher's Plan

AbbyS. said...

Love those! :)
I posted some testing treats I made for my kiddos on my blog too. It is teating season. I hope your kids do GREAT!!

Unknown said...

The messages in the wall are such a wonderful idea!

Amy said...

These are so much cuter and more inspirational then the ones I see being used! I love them!


TeachDramado said...

I love this idea.It will work great for when I am giving a sight word review and most are tempted to look at their neighbors paper. Great idea!

Mrs. Scoma said...

I have the plain old privacy folders, but I LOVE this motivational twist!! I have a new job to add to my summer to-do list :-) Thank you!


Anonymous said...

What a great motivational tool! We just had our state testing and few things our school did:
*banners wishing good luck and such for all students to sign
*teachers looked for best effort students who looked over their test, tried their best etc were put in for a special drawing with prizes that adm got.
*our volunteer coordinator made "positive thoughts/cards" were left on every desk every morning

I have used presentation boards cut in half for my offices... works well but definitely does not have the cute factor.


Deedee Wills said...

How sweet! I bet your kids love this! I'm going to make these for our 3rd grade buddies next year!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten.

teachermum said...

Nice Idea!
At our school they use plain old clipboards. Yet is it proven that people achieve higher when they are thinking good thoughts. Imagine what this idea would do for children who experience test anxiety.
Well done

Fran Kramer said...

I think this idea is awesome and provides kids with positive,personal space! I am a kinder teacher but I am suggesting this to our upper grades. We are giving our fifth grade friends peppermints and chanting to them!
Knock it out of the park!

Meagan said...

Great idea! :)

Mrs. Cave said...

I love that! I made some 4 years ago with a number line, alphabet, hundred chart, ruler, etc - but those motivational messages would be a great addition. Thanks for sharing!!!


Julie said...

These rock!! I have to make some!

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

The Peterson Family said...

And I JUST order some of these from Really Good Stuff!!! I totally could have used that $30 for something else. Oh well, they have to stay with the classroom, so for now I'll make them look pretty and then I'll make my own set when I move to another room/school.

Happily First said...

I make mine out of file folders too, but I add instructional things to them. For example, I have a word wall, the alphabet, special words for writing, etc. They are SO helpful!

I might post pictures of mine on my blog soon!

lizziepink1 said...

This is FANTASTIC!!! I love the idea!! You are so creative. I started working on mine last night!!! I know the kids will love them!! Thanks for sharing.

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Teresa said...

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