Back to School Shopping

I was so excited yesterday when I got the school credit card!! I ran right to Walmart to pick up the first of my purchases for back to school. 

I got more crates! I paid $5 for these babies last year and they usually sell for $8. Right now they are only $3.48... YAY!!  (I am going to make more of these with them.) 

 I bought all the supplies to make my own Lollipop Tree!
I think this will look cute on my desk and be a fun treat to give to students as little rewards.

The 2 black canisters are for my sharp and dull pencils. I'm excited to put some cute labels on them.
The greenish canister is for my desk to help organize all my writing utensils.

I got some new calendars. The big one is for my wall and the little one is for my planning binder. It's already 3 whole punched so it should work great. 
This is what my old calendar looked like.... and this one is the NEW one!
I love it already!

Nice new, colorful markers!! Yay!!  

 And... what every teacher needs to start off a new school year... beautiful, new composition notebooks! These babies are for my math journals. I got these for 40 cents each. Have you seen them anywhere for a better price?

I just have to put a label on them and my math journals will be good to go! And I know how our readers like their freebies - here's a copy of my labels for you:

 Click HERE  for the download.


Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

You know you are a teacher when... school supplies make you GIDDY!!! Love this post! I think I'll go to walmart today! ;)

Megan said...

I must say I'm jealous that you have access to a school credit card! Unfortunately though, that doesn't stop me from spending :)

Blackboard and Beyond

Lessons Learned said...

Thanks so much for the labels!! LOVE school supplies for sure. :)
Lessons Learned

Unknown said...

I got the same composition books today and Walmart has the cheapest ones that I've seen. I bought the pencil cup with the 3 sections too for my writing center.

Swimming into Second

Takara said...

I'm not sure when school starts for you but in a few weeks those composition books will be on sale for 20 cents at Walmart, target and staples. Oh and if you need crayons Office Depot has them on sale for 25 cents.


Rachelle said...

What in the heck is a "school credit card" and how do I get one???? :)

Natalie Kay said...

Haha! We have a couple school cards that we have to check out when we want to make a purchase. They try not to do any reimbursements anymore.

Stephanie said...

Makes me want to go spend some money. I love this time of year!! :)

Stephanie in Missouri said...

Do you have a limit to spend? We have to spend our own money or order with the $125 to purchase construction paper and desk supplies.

Unknown said...

I loved crates when I was teaching. They had so many uses.

Ashley said...

Fabulous purchases!

beagle2love said...

Can you share what you put in the math journals? Do they go along with your math series or do you follow another program? I would love to hear more!

Rachel Lamb said...

Back to School shopping...yay! School credit my dreams! We get NOTHING...repeat...nothing! haha! Not even supplies anymore....sniffle

Jen said...

I grabbed a bunch of composition folders for our Time and Temperature math journals as well. Yay for back to school shopping!

Mrs. Sphon's Adventures in 4th Grade

Marlene said...

I love that lollipop tree! How are you using it in the classoom? Also every year Target has the notebooks for 25¢ so I'm hoping they do again.

I Heart Teaching Elementary

Kimberly said...

I would also L.O.V.E. to know what you put in your math journals. I desperately want to implement them with my firsties, but need some guidance. : ) Thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

I have done math journals with both K and first grade during my teaching. You can put anything you want in them. Children can begin the year by doing an entry each day. Perhaps it could be, "write numerlas 1-10." As the year progresses, give them "word problems." For example, "Three ladybugs are walking on the ground. How many legs are walking on the ground?" Many teachers type the entries and place one on each child's desk.They glue it in the journal and they complete it upon entering the class. Children draw the problem as a picture, write a number sentence and write a word sentence to go with the journal entry. Some teachers write the entry on the white board or Promethean board. As the year goes on, the entry could be incorrectly spelled or have incorrect grammar and capitalization. Children must correct it. There are sooooo many things to do with math journals. I loved using them and the children enjoyed completing them. One blog includes what is referred to as "daily editing word problems" as a freebie.
Check it out. There are many others on the web. Thanks for the labels for the front of the math journals.

Stephanie said...

I went to Walmart tonight myself and found some awesome deals, Crayola Markers $0.97 and 1" binders for $0.92! I love the lollipop tree idea! Thanks for sharing!

♡ Stephanie

Melissa Williams said...

Thank you! I feel much better to think that my organization that I am working on this summer isn't outdated. I'm using open-crate plastic hanging file holders too. I like seeing everything since I'm a visual person.
First Grade Frame of Mind

Laurel said...

Beautiful. I will have to check out Walmart tomorrow!

Erin Eberhart said...

Awesome. I love "back to school" shopping and the sweet scent of new supplies! Check out my post on math journals here:
It may help you stretch that 40 cent journal just a little farther! ;-)

tenth avenue south said...

LOVE that font for the math journals! What is the name of it?

Christine said...

The school credit card amazes me.... do you have a limit each teacher can spend? We get $100 and we use our own money to be reembursed or else we can order from teacher catalogues and charge the school..... but the Walmart prices are SO much better.

Janaye said...

Walmart always sells the composition books for 10 cents either right before school starts or the few days after school starts (which for me is mid-August to late August). I clean them out every year!!

Tiffani said...

I bought those exact creates, except I'm turning mine into little storage seats. I love those comp notebooks. My kids grabbed those for school.
Time 4 Kindergarten

Luxury Villas Italy said...

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Mrs. C said...

i want to see the lollipop tree! I might have to make one!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to resist until the tax-free weekend. I hope there will be some good deals, and supplies that I need. Congratulations on your finds.

scentsy said...

Gorgeous fantastic distribute. It will always be agreeable plus helpful submit. Many thanks for providing a lot of these ideal hunt ideas

Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous of your credit card. We used to get reimbursed for $100 worth of supplies, but they cut that for this year. Now we get $0. :-( I still will buy with my own money though. I will definitely use your idea for a donation door!

1st Grade Teacher, Massachusetts

Unknown said...

I was just wondering if you could tell me what labels you use for your math journal labels

lvrana said...

I bought the canisters like the green one you bought for my student desks (they are in groups). I am hoping it can help keep pencils, red pens, and maybe highlighters organized. Plus..they were super cute colors! :)
Here is a pic of mine :

(I am new to blogging so my site is lacking right now but I will get there!)

Anonymous said...

They have them on sale at Staples for 10 cents a piece! (:

Mrs. Cave said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am of both the school credit card and those of you who get reimbursed! The fact that it comes out of my own pocket does not seem to slow me down or stop me! Ha!

Allison Mathews said...

I also bought the crates, but I am going to make the famous crate seats found on Pinterest. Starting a new grade this year (going from 1st to 3rd) so my back to school list doesn't seem to be ending. Check me out at

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