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Since our state is going to the Common Core State Standards {Reading and Language Arts only this year},   I thought I'd read up!  As my team and I were going through the standards we noticed that our 1st graders need to not only be able to recognize the sight words but spell/write them correctly too!  BAM! That's when it hit me! I had seen an AMAZING post by Growing Kinders about a sight word password. PLEASE go to her blog and check it out...she's one of my favorites!!!  I remade the poster to match my classroom {it's my OCD}.

Here's the breakdown. Post a laminated "Today's Password" poster outside of your classroom.  Each day, with a wet erase marker, write a different password on the poster and as your kiddos enter the room, they need to whisper it to you!  Well since they have to be able to write it also, I made a "Password of the Day Book".  After they whisper it to me, they need to go write that word in their book!  

Clipart from DJ Inkers and used with permission from

In our 1st grade we have 5 sight words a week that go home with them to practice as homework. At the beginning of the week, I introduce the words and tape them to the board {I don't put them on my word wall yet} We also practice them everyday in class. I LOVE another one of Growing Kinders' ideas to practice sight words {HERE} Also, for more word wall/sight word activities go {HERE}! At the end of the week I {with the help of my firsties} post them on our word wall that looks like this:
{source} I love this word wall because it's mobile. I rotate classrooms every 9 weeks!

The borders are from this cute new website I found called Print Candee   
Many of their products can be used without a commercial license, 
but make sure you read their terms of use.
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