I like you. A lot.

Well friends. I like you. I just want you to know!  Here is a free download.

At the end of the year, I always and "Un-birthday" party {Thanks Amber and Janaly}!  I like to let everyone celebrate their birthday all on one day because some kiddos have their birthday on weekends or in the summer...so it gives everyone some time to shine!  I buy a cake {this year I did cupcakes} and ice cream. I always decorate the classroom and each kiddos brings in a special present for a friend that they draw out of a hat {the gift is $2.00 or under} and they write a card to that person on the day of the party {card is included in unit}. At the end of the day we watch "Alice in Wonderland". It's a completely CREEPY cartoon, but it has an un-birthday party in it!

I still let the kiddos celebrate their birthday on their actual day, if we're in school. {Here} is how I celebrate individual birthdays.
I like to go all out. I decorate my door and inside my classroom.  Sorry about the glare!

For this game you need 10 different items you would find at a birthday party {balloon, party hat, bow, birthday card, etc} and bring the items out all at once on a tray. Walk around the classroom and show each student the tray.  After a couple of minutes, hide the tray.  Ask the students to write as many items as they can remember in 2 minutes.

Just a little fun worksheet!

A writing activity-

What would a unit from Rachelle be like without a word search!?!

{Click the picture to download}

Could you do an un-birthday next year?

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