Back to School Shopping

I was so excited yesterday when I got the school credit card!! I ran right to Walmart to pick up the first of my purchases for back to school. 

I got more crates! I paid $5 for these babies last year and they usually sell for $8. Right now they are only $3.48... YAY!!  (I am going to make more of these with them.) 

 I bought all the supplies to make my own Lollipop Tree!
I think this will look cute on my desk and be a fun treat to give to students as little rewards.

The 2 black canisters are for my sharp and dull pencils. I'm excited to put some cute labels on them.
The greenish canister is for my desk to help organize all my writing utensils.

I got some new calendars. The big one is for my wall and the little one is for my planning binder. It's already 3 whole punched so it should work great. 
This is what my old calendar looked like.... and this one is the NEW one!
I love it already!

Nice new, colorful markers!! Yay!!  

 And... what every teacher needs to start off a new school year... beautiful, new composition notebooks! These babies are for my math journals. I got these for 40 cents each. Have you seen them anywhere for a better price?

I just have to put a label on them and my math journals will be good to go! And I know how our readers like their freebies - here's a copy of my labels for you:

 Click HERE  for the download.
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