Classroom Supplies

I've decided to re-post a couple of things that I think you might like! :) It's Throwback Monday today!  I of course included a new download!

As tough as the economy is right now, it's difficult to find money to buy everything you need/want for your classroom and for your students {in my district, we're not allowed to send home a supply list and the beginning of the year}.
This idea is for a "Donation Door"! Thank you to Lisa {a kinder teacher at our school} for the idea! Your door can be geared toward a theme...My classroom theme was bugs and so my door matched my classroom.  This door is great for the first day of school  and also for Back to School Night Ideas for donation items:
*Baby wipes
*Clorox Wipes
*Address labels
*Glue Sticks
*Colored Pencils
*Picture/chapter books

Donation Door

Parents will take off the item that is attached with velcro to the bug. 
(This ensures you don't get doubles of anything you don't need)

{This is the explanation sign that goes on the door}

 for the posters, clipart, and explanation for the Donation Door
                                            Click {here}
for the Donation Door labels

Could you use this in your classroom?
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