Parent Volunteer Christmas Gifts

Listen up! I have 4 more days of school. Are you feeling sorry for me? Here's my management tip of the week...tell your students that SANTA IS WATCHING THEM! Ok, I'm only kidding!

You might remember my end of the year gifts {thanks Jess} that I give to my parent volunteers.... I posted about those {here}. Well this year, I decided to do a variation of one of them for their Christmas gifts.

Inside of this are some of these {they have them 2 for $2.00 at Target}:


And one of these {they are on sale for $1.00 each}:

I had ribbon at home {FREE} 

I used these bags from Walmart {a 20 pack for $1.93}:

And this tag {Merry Christmas}:

Or maybe you need this one {Happy Holidays}:

Click {here} for the tags! Maybe you're already out of it for next year! :)


hollylynn said...

You are such a lifesaver! I have definitely procrastinated this year and I was just thinking how I need get my parents something nice, but I didn't want to spend too much money. Your ideas and tags are so great and will save me so much time and money. I cannot thank you enough!! Oh, and I do feel for you, I have 2 1/2 more days left. I don't know if I could do a full week with the kiddos. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Tara said...

How awesome and adorably cute!!!!! So cute and thoughtful!!! LOVE!!

4th Grade Frolics

Busy Bees said...

I am glad somebody else is still in school. We go through Wednesday. I love your parent volunteer gifts! We can make it!! Happy Holidays!!

Kelley Cirrito said...

Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Kindergarten Fever said...

I love these! Saving them for next year.

P.S. Where do you find all your cute frames/borders? I am in need of some new ones!

SunnyDays said...

I feel for you - four more days?! Do you have a longer break after New Years at least? We go back on Jan. 2, not a lot of recoup time from New Year's Eve!
Hang in there :)

Sunny Days In Second Grade

Katie @ Miss Klohn's Classroom said...

If I had parent volunteers I would be all over this! I thought my district was crazy, we have school through Wednesday.

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

Erin Eberhart said...

Presh! I'll def be pinning for next year! :)

Unknown said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift! The tags are super cute!

Jenn Bates said...

Great idea! I will save the cute tag for next year since I'm out. I am SO sorry to hear you are still working. Hang in there!
Finally in First

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry you are still in school! What is this "parent volunteer" you speak of? Cute idea!

Kristin said...

Oh, I LOVE this idea!!!!! This is terrific and I'm totally doing it next year. THANK YOU, SMART ONE!!
And will you PUH-LEASE hurry up and watch Survivor?! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

test said...

LOVE this! My volunteers got "Thanks for Poppin' In" popcorn buckets this year (inspired by another one of your fabulous posts!)!
I'll be saving this cute "Helping Hands" one for next year! :)


Chelsea Rose said...

What a cute idea!! I am so stealing that!! Our party is tomorrow and I have been going crazy trying to figure out what to give my parent volunteers!! Thank you so much for sharing this will be perfect!!!

Ps I have not forgotten about winning the giveaway, I just have not had one second to sit down and try to figure out what I want!! I promise I will email you tomorrow or Thursday!!

Hope King said... have almost made it! This litle idea is way, WAY too cute! Sooo wish I would have seen this earlier! Definitely putting it in my little bag of tricks for next year! Thanks for sharing! :) Merry Christmas!


Jeff Hardy said...
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Luxury Gifts for Her said...
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Luxury Gifts for Her said...
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Luxury Gifts for Her said...
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The Filapek Family said...

Hi there!
Your gift idea and tags are super cute! My friend wanted to use them but then didn't because there's an error. Could you fix the tags so the exclamation point is INSIDE the quotation marks please? Thanks so much. Merry Christmas:)

Emily from Teacher Stuff said...

Thanks for this cute idea and printable! I linked to this post here:
I am doing a linky party called Christmas in July. The idea is start making the handmade gifts I want to share now (or at least start sharing ideas now!). I hope you'll link up too! Thanks for the inspiration!

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