Outlaw Words {Literacy Centers}!

Do your buckaroos ever struggle with those random words that don't seem to follow a spelling rule or they even make up their own rule to follow?  MINE DO! At the end of the year, it's even move prevalent that they struggle with reading some of these words. Those crazy rule-breakers are called OUTLAW WORDS!

These cowboy themed centers will be perfect practice for your buckaroos! These literacy centers all come in full color or black/white.

In this packet, you will find:

*Outlaw Word Book {large & small}

*Roundin' Up Words {oy and oi word sort}- with recording sheet

*Spinnin' Spurs {ight word practice}- with recording sheet

*Boots or Books? {oo word sort}- with recording sheet

* Sheriff's Round Up {words that end in y}- with recording sheet
*Horse Corral {words that end in y}- with recording sheet
*Outlaw Word Cards- with recording sheet
*Moo! {outlaw word game}
*Cowboy Sentence Corrall {sentences using outlaw words}- with recording sheet
*Don't Get Poked {silent letter game}- with recording sheet

Newly added:

*Outlaw day note to parents
*Snack ideas
*Pennant Banner
*Handkerchief Poem
*If I were a cowboy
*If I were a cowgirl
*Cowboy/Cowgirl tree map {whole class and recording sheet}
*Cowboy/Cowgirl bubble map {whole class and recording sheet}

You can check out my new packet on TpT {here}.

I want to send this packet to the first person to guess what my very first country concert was {leave your email please}...


ashleythurston said...

faith hill?


this looks cute!!

Caroline Brantley said...

Garth Brooks or Deanna Carter
Super cute

Elisabeth said...

These look cute like always! My guess would be Billy Ray Cirus...I had a huge crush on him and a poster in my room, ha!

Tales of An Elementary Teacher

Tara said...

How adorable is this unit?!?!?! Wow..your first country concert.....hmmmmmmm....I don't know....Tim Mcgraw???



Hannah said...

Toby Keith??

I'm not up on my country music... maybe it'll be a lucky guess!

hshirley@my.centenary.edu ~Hannah

Anonymous said...

Adorable set! I guess Reba McEntire


Christi S said...

Diamond Rio!!

christis at gmail dot com

Miss Nelson said...

Putting on my wishlist.
Dixie Chicks?

~dani~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~dani~ said...


It's Grow Time!


Tawna said...

Was it Reba McIntire (Not sure how to spell her last name..) My email is cheerbugtawn22@gmail.com

PS, I teach in Utah too, and I think you are AWESOME!! I love everything you create. My students most recently loved the Handwriting Fairy and lots of parents have told me they love this idea. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!

ashleythurston said...

I forgot to add carrie underwood or t swift!


Elisabeth said...

This is adorable! Was it Alabama?


Crafty In Carolina Stamper said...

Rascal Flats?

Or Taylor Swift?

Mrs. Mack said...

Jo Dee Messina will be my guess!

Caroline Brantley said...

Can I be an outlaw and guess more?
Shania Twain
LeAnn Rimes

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

Darn, all my guesses have been guessed.

I'll guess Tanya Tucker.


Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Anonymous said...

Kenny Chesney!

Unknown said...

Very cute! (I have no idea....Hank Williams jr? lol)
First Grade Blue SKies

Meridith said...

iI bet it was George Strait!


Anonymous said...

I'm not up on country singers- but I'll guess George Strait.
This is an adorable unit- as is everything you create- I use lots of your materials. THANKS SO MUCH!

Anonymous said...

Shania twain???


Amanda said...

I have no idea so I'll guess Brooks & Dunn maybe????


Amk said...


I'm a brand new teacher and love all of your stuff!!


Lorraine Vasquerz said...

Hmmmmmm was your first country concert George Strait or Randy Travis?
Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

Lyndsey (A Year of Many Firsts) said...

Love this! It is ADORABLE!

Hmm...how about Tricia Yearwood? I'm trying to think of country music stars that people have not guessed year.

You are amazing!
A Year of Many Firsts

Lyndsey (A Year of Many Firsts) said...

Oops...my e-mail is lyndseykuster@gmail.com

Lyssat said...

How about Clay Walker?

Love What the Teacher Wants!!


jenna said...


Kristen said...

This is SO creative Rachelle!!

Mrs. Hodson said...

Garth Brooks?

Susie Q said...

I'm going to guess SHeDAISY, since you live in Utah:) I LOVE your outlaw words packet -- so cute!!


Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Mine was Garth. Was yours Kenny or brad paisley?

Anonymous said...

marie osmond

Kelly said...

Was it Shania Twain???

I am having a Target gift card giveaway right now--come over and check it out!

Kindergarten Kel

Jen R said...

A lot of my guesses have been taken...I'm going to go with Rascall Flats or Dixie Chicks?? (I've been to those, so maybe you have too?? lol)

♥ Jen
The Teacher's Cauldron


Ashley said...

My first country concert was Rascal Flatts, so that was my first guess. However, someone already said that. So, I am going to guess Miranda Lambert because I just saw her in concert, along with Jerrod Niemann and Chris Young. It was fabulous! Packets adorable!


Jen said...

Kenny Rogers? He was mine.


mary said...

i am thinking faith hill, i really don't know country, mary at apopovic@primus.ca

Darlene said...

Martina McBride?

Alan Jackson?

I love this unit!


Anonymous said...

I think that it could have been Little Texas.

I really like your unit.


Karyn said...

I think the only guess left is Dolly Parton. :-). Well I guess the Mandrell Sisters wasn't guessed either lol but you're probably not even old enough to know who they are! Adorable unit!!!


Ashlie said...

Dierks Bentley?


Anonymous said...

Willie Nelson?? All the ones I would have picked were said already...:) Cute unit. kcmeer@yahoo.com

Rachel said...

Brad Paisely???


Allison said...

I'm gonna go with Keith Urban, don't think I saw him on here yet.

Love this packet - it would go perfect with my cowboy classroom theme for this year!


Anonymous said...

has it been guessed yet?

Unknown said...

What a great packet Rachelle!!! You're so talented!

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
Teaching Treasures Shop

Hope Blumenthal said...

Love this packet. My guess is Billy Ray Cyrus!
~Hope Blumenthal

Kelley Cirrito said...

We are working on oi and oy this week! This will be perfect!!

Blair Curtis said...

Oak Ridge Boys... Oh wait, that was my first country concert at the Nebraska State Fair... :)



Erin said...

So adorable! My guess would be Billy Ray Cyrus, because that was mine! :)

I'm new to the blogging world and having my first giveaway over at Elementary Adventure. I'd love fo you to stop by!


Elementary Adventure

Janette Rose said...

So cute! I use the term "outlaw words" in my class for those words that don't always follow the phonetic rules. I'm going to guess Hank Williams Jr., just a guess!

akteacher said...

I'm guessing Toby Keith or Kenny Chesny! Love this packet!


Jannis said...

I would have to guess Leann Rimes! :)
Super cute ideas!

aunt shimmy said...

My guess is Brooks and Dunn!!!!

Unknown said...

My very first country concert was Brooks and Dunn and Martina McBride so that's my guess!

I LOVED every second of it!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Anonymous said...

Very cute.
Was it John Micheal Montgomery?
my email is jmayer@mail2school.com

Mrs. "Bossy" said...

My guess is Sawyer Brown!
Love ya Rachelle!


Miss Nelson said...

Are we still guessing or has someone figured out your very first country concert? I'm so curious!

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