Oh, Tax Day!

In honor of Tax Day {April 15th} tomorrow {which I did google and apparently if it falls on a Sunday, then it is actually the next business day...but who's really keeping track?!}, we're GIVING YOU A TAX BREAK! :)

Thanks, Hadar, for the cute idea!

Head over to Natalie's TpT store April 15th for a "tax break".

Head over to Rachelle's TpT store April 15th for a "tax break"


Also, there are some pretty sweet giveaways going on that I'm involved in!

Head over to Miss Nelson's blog to enter to win my "Being a Guided Reading Wizard" packet  AND  Lesson Plan SOS's "Guided Reading Activities with Pizzaz" resource {which I own, which I LOVE}.

Then we have a whole lotta teddy bear love going on at...

If you head over to Busy Bees, you have a chance to win Erica's Bear Packets, my Bear Unit, and Busy Bees' Teddy Bear Unit


Miss Kindergarten said...

Aw man!! I've been avoiding the post office because it's always crazy during tax season...so you're saying I have to wait another day before I can go ship my goodies?! ugh!!!

Kelley Cirrito said...

Woohoo for the sale!!! Also thanks for letting me know about the giveaways!

Michelle Griffo said...

Sales make my day!!! :)


Apples and ABC's

I Endorse Blogspot said...
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Unknown said...

<3 the sale! Heading over to check it out now :)

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