Parent Volunteer Gifts

As the year comes to an end {some earlier than others :) }, I always make sure that my parent volunteers know how much they are loved and appreciated!  I've been brainstorming some gift ideas for my parent volunteers. I got this idea from Crap I've Made!  Here's what I came up with:

I bought these cute scrapbooking scissors {about 1.00 a piece} from Amazon:

And I made this tag:

Then, I wrapped a pair of scissors in cellophane, tied some ribbon on it, and added the tag:

If you have a room-mom or a parent who you want to give extra thanks to, just add a book of scrapbooking paper, a photo album, and a paper punch! :)  I also have a few ideas from my post last year. Check it out {here}.

Do your students struggle with maintaining a tidy desk? Are they unmotivated to do so? My sweet friend, Erica had a request that I make a Desk Fairy Packet {inspired by the Handwriting Fairy}. I have for you, THE DESK FAIRY! :)  Check it out in my TpT store.


Cooperative Learning 365 said...

What a cute idea! We are recognizing our parent volunteers on Wednesday, just in time :)!

Jessica Stanford said...

Love the gift and unit. Both adorable!!

Jessica Stanford
PS I'm hosting my first linky and I'd love for you to join!!

Busy Bees said...

These volunteer gifts look adorable!!

Jen said...

Love the gift! My TA & I were just talking about what to give the volunteers must've read my mind! :)
Jen's Kinder Kids
Come by & visit!

School Sparks Renee said...

What a perfect idea! Renee

Smoran892 said...

I just read your post from last year & I am going to do the helping hand one with lotion! Such great ideas :)



Heather's Heart said...

I love the gift idea but I sadly almost never, EVER have any parent volunteers. We are lucky if we have a working number to reach the parents and sometimes the only time we meet a parent is at a home visit.

I love the Desk Fairy! =)

Heather's Heart

Shannon said...

Cute idea, but I'm with Heather-no parent volunteers. I can't even get most of my parents to help THEIR child at home, much less help ME out! :)


Mrs. Dwyer said...

Thank you for the cute ideas!


Erica Bohrer said...

Yeah for the Desk Fairy!!!

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