Holiday Book Exchange

This year I am doing a Holiday Book Exchange.  Each child can bring in a book wrapped in lovely Christmas wrapping paper.  I haven't decided how we will actually do the exchange once the students bring their books in, but I'm really excited. I want to get my students even MORE excited about BOOKS and READING!  And let me tell you...they already love books and this will add more love into their hearts!  I made this letter to tell the parents about it. Once we exchange the books, of course we will read them together! The students can find books at:
  • Local bookstore (Borders or Barnes and Noble)
  • Local Thrift Stores (DI, Savers, Salvation Army)
  • Gently used book from home
  • And of COURSE our Scholastic Book Club. I just so happen to attach 3 catalogs with my book exchange note :)
 Here is a download of the note!

If you have any ideas on how to actually exchange the books when we get them all...Please leave a comment!  Happy Reading!
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