Management Monday!

Have you ever had your students in line at the end of the day and you look up desperately at the clock.  Oh no, still 5 minutes until the bell rings.  To anyone BUT a teacher, 5 minutes seems so short.  When I first started teaching, I would let my students just stand in line and talk to each other  (which was not great management on my part, but hey, I was just trying to stay afloat).  Now, I am more productive.  We go over our doubles facts rhymes (<---Click here for that download) from Halloween that my kids STILL love or we do our "Good-bye Rhymes". I got the "Good-bye Rhymes" idea from The First Grade Parade. I needed mine to be a little bigger so I could hold them up for my students to read.  So, I made bigger cards and I bound them together in a book. We flip through as many rhymes as we can before the bell rings. They are so CUTE. I added a few of my own and ta-da....I have a management strategy for lining up! Thanks Cara!

Click HERE for the download. Here is an example of a few:

{*Parents: print these off and practice them at home. Make movements up for each or make paper plate masks to use as costumes to act out each one}
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