Parent Teacher Conferences

How many of you have conferences coming up? I DO! I have them next week.  I actually LOVE having conferences. I can talk anyones ear off!  I just don't love doing grades and grading papers. If I could just conference with each parent/child and that's it, I would be happy as a clam.

Ok, well I have had some bad experiences. I had a parent cry once and I had no idea what to do. I just told her that her son was slightly below grade level in reading and she has a come-apart. I seriously was speechless. I'm never speechless. I just grabbed her hand and said WE CAN DO THIS.
Who knows?! Maybe when my hubby and I have kids, I'll be the one crying at the conferences!!!!!!!

I just wanted to send some ideas your way to get ready for conferences.  

Here is a reminder note I send home. 
Click {here}for the reminder note

Here is a folder we make for conferences {I'm not lyin' ____'s been tryin'!}. We can put some examples of our work in it to show our parents at conferences.  
They just color the picture, add their name, then glue onto a folder piece of construction paper. I love the saying! My first grade team gave me the idea!
Click {here} for the folder cover

Here is a personal report card I posted last spring. I do it for both conferences. It's a fun "self assessment" on how each kiddo feels about school and I put it in their conference folder.  Yet another idea from my wonderful team. 

Click {here} for the personal report card

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