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Well friends. I like you. I just want you to know!  Here is a free download.

At the end of the year, I always and "Un-birthday" party {Thanks Amber and Janaly}!  I like to let everyone celebrate their birthday all on one day because some kiddos have their birthday on weekends or in the summer...so it gives everyone some time to shine!  I buy a cake {this year I did cupcakes} and ice cream. I always decorate the classroom and each kiddos brings in a special present for a friend that they draw out of a hat {the gift is $2.00 or under} and they write a card to that person on the day of the party {card is included in unit}. At the end of the day we watch "Alice in Wonderland". It's a completely CREEPY cartoon, but it has an un-birthday party in it!

I still let the kiddos celebrate their birthday on their actual day, if we're in school. {Here} is how I celebrate individual birthdays.
I like to go all out. I decorate my door and inside my classroom.  Sorry about the glare!

For this game you need 10 different items you would find at a birthday party {balloon, party hat, bow, birthday card, etc} and bring the items out all at once on a tray. Walk around the classroom and show each student the tray.  After a couple of minutes, hide the tray.  Ask the students to write as many items as they can remember in 2 minutes.

Just a little fun worksheet!

A writing activity-

What would a unit from Rachelle be like without a word search!?!

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Could you do an un-birthday next year?


Sarah said...

Cute! We have 2 "sweet treat" days a year and the last Friday of school we have a Grade Level Birthday party! Kids loved it! They rotate as a class from room to room all day playing birthday type games - we had 7 1st grades so we had 7 games (ex. pin the tail on the donkey, chicken dance, musical chairs, etc). I teach in a low income area and the kids often don't get to experience these kinds of things. At the end of the day we sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes! Of course, we all had on bday hats as well! :)

Fantastic First Grade

Janae said...

I LOVE the idea of doing one giant birthday party! :) It would save so much time and be so much easier. Do you do anything for their birthdays during the year, or save it all for the end? Are the parents okay with waiting? Do you send a note at the beginning of the year explaining it all? I know, a lot of questions, but I just know some parents would be upset to skip their child's birthday.


Tara said...

Such a cute idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I so totally love your blog:) I'm a follower!! I'm having my first giveaway:) Come check it out!

4th Grade Frolics

Rachelle said...

@ Janae- I fixed my post so it answers all of your questions!!! :)

Kelli :) said...

Precious idea!!! :)
I added your blog to the Blogs I Heart list on my blog!

Kelli :)

The Schroeder Page said...

Rachelle...I truly enjoy your blog. I just added your button to my blog and would love it if you would do the same for me. I am a follower:)
The Schroeder Page

Casey Orr said...

I love this birthday idea! I feel like even my big fifth graders would have a blast having some type of "un-birthday" day! Thanks for the idea!

Rachel Lamb said...

We also celebrated summer birthdays with an Un-birthday party during the last week of school. Just fyi-I just picked up 2 seuss-y looking hats in the dollar spot at Target that I am letting the birthday kiddo wear! So exciting. LOVE, love, love the b-day balloons!

Lisa Howard said...

Love it! Here's links to posts about birthdays in the classroom (including this one) http://ateachersbagoftricks.blogspot.com/

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