What's the bee-havior buzzzz???

I'm back with Management Monday!

When it comes to behavior management in our classrooms, we are all different.  What works in my classroom might not work in yours. No judgements here.  I've used the "pull card" system since I started teaching.  It's worked for me and it's been fine, but I am ready for a change. I've always loved clip charts because they are cuter...haha! WELL- actually I wanted my students to be accountable for their behavior on more of a personal level and I didn't want it displayed in the classroom for all to see (if you do display it, THAT IS OK! I promise!).  So... I decided to make personal clip charts for my students and I thought I'd share them with you! I used these for the first time last year and let me say- they are AWESOME!  The students liked them and my principal and the parents raved about them.

I have my students keep their personal clip chart UNDER their desks (I use magnet tape on the back with a piece of book tape over it for durability and they magnetize the chart on the bottom of their desks)!  I bought mini clothespins on Amazon but I found that a regular old paperclip does the job!

This personal clip chart will help your students stay accountable for their behavior (all while keeping it personal and not displaying it for all to see). This pack expands past just the clip chart and provides you with a whole behavior plan!

This pack includes:

*Personal Clip Charts (3 versions)- Customizable
*Behavior Report (student)- Full page
*Behavior Report (student)- Half page
*Behavior Report (teacher)- Customizable
*Student Behavior Report Binder Cover
*Red Clip Report Form
*Behavior Plan Note (4 versions)- Customizable
*Behavior Punch Cards

You can check it out {here}

At the end of each day I used to give each student a sticker on a behavior sticker chart...well...stickers became scarce!  I saw {this} great idea on Eighteen25 and decided I could adapt it for my classroom to save time and money on stickers. If they are on a green card at the end of the day, they get a hole punched in their Behavior Punch Card. After they get 20 hole punches they get to pick out of the prize box! I copy the punch card on colored cardstock {because not only is it functional, it's caauuuttee}. :)  I have my kiddos store theirs in their pencil boxes, but you could add a magnet to the bottom and have them stick them under their desks.

Click the picture to download {both girl and boy are included in 1 download}

GIRL punch card

BOY punch card

I send home this behavior contract {my class theme was "bugs" last year so I called it a bee-havior contract}.  I like the contract because it allows for the parents to hold accountability too because they know what is expected. You will obviously have different expectations and what not, but you could copy some of the wording for your own contract :

Click the picture to download or I have a customizable one in the pack above!

What behavior management tool works best for you?


Sarah Cooley said...

I LOVE your punch cards! Thank you, thank you! I was going to go make my own to try to make them cutesy--and you just saved me oodles of time! You are the BEST!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this, I have one of those behavior charts and love the idea of using the punch cards. Thank you for sharing :)

Elisabeth said...

I have this same chart and used it last year! I was strongly considering switching to the clip chart system.. now you came out with an amazing post and I'm questioning switching now! HA thanks for the ideas and freebies! :)


Mrs. Hoang said...

I use the three apples. Green apple (smiley face), warning line, yellow apple (frowny face), red apple (sad face) phone call and/or note home. I am going to use th OOPS notes I found to send home to red apples. I posted it on my dry erase board and their names are on magnet worms.... They move them once they learn their names :)

Kim said...

I have this chart and love the punch card idea! One question - where do you keep all the punch cards? Do they keep track of their own or do you keep them in a common place near the chart? Also, thank you for introducing me to the Daily Five. I have started reading the book and am so excited about it! Thanks-

Mrs. Hoang said...

I forgot to add, I love your idea with the punch cards (maybe I could put them on a book ring and number them to correspond to each child??) What do you think? If I had more wall space I would use the cards.... With the focus walls, word walls, student work wall, alphabet... I have noooo room.
Thanks for the goodies

Kristina said...

Love the punch card idea. Do you have a different one for girls or do you use the same one for all of the kids? Thanks for the great ideas.

Jasmine said...

Wow this is so cute. The title of your post caught my eye because my theme is bees. You have some awesome things here. I'm a new follower :-)

Rachelle said...

Great questions!!!

@ Kim-Each student keeps their punch chard in their pencil box! You could also put a magnet on the back and have them store it under their desks.

@Kristina- I just use the same for both boys and girls! they don't mind!!! :) You could copy the girls' on pink and the boys' on blue if you wanted to! :)

Casey Orr said...

Cute stuff! I like your Red Card Report! Instead of a punch card, I have a di-cut star for each student, and I move it up a 16-pocket chart. When they move to they top they get to go to the prize bucket and then start all over again!

jennygollup said...

Is there anyway that you could email me the behavior contract in a word document that can be personalized?

I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!


Literacy Teacher said...

I LOVE this punch card idea! it would be great for me as a reading teacher b/c I push into rooms & pull out of classrooms as well!! Thanks for the GREAT idea!!

Mel D said...

I was going to make a clip chart tomorrow to go with my peace theme & am wondering if I can still use this punch card. I currently use the Lakeshore chart myself. Now I'm rethinking ...I should just stay with what I have & use the punch card too. I love how you have them be responsible for it...great idea! Can you possibly email me the doc too?? I hate to be a bother :o( But if you don't mind my email is seusstasticblogspot@gmail.com

Peace, Mel D
Oh the Places We’ll Go

Anonymous said...

Cute! and such a great idea about the punch card! Quick question, what is the font you're using on the behavior contract? I'd like to find it and use it as well.



Rachel Lamb said...

I like the punch card. Cute!

newmanm said...


I use a combination of clip chart management and whole brain teaching. It works wonders, because the clip chart reinforces correct behavior while allowing room for error, and when the behavior is negative, the kids are the ones holding each other accountable with the rules from whole brain teaching. I am hoping to delve more into whole brain teaching this year!

smarchesani said...

very cute! i have a camping theme and they kids each have a canoe with three velcro oars - three oars is like green, two - yellow and one is red. i have business cards from vista print much like your punch cards - they color a smiley face for each day they get three oars, then earn a special treat. Really cute - I wonder if you could make your punch card into business cards too?? Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas and thoughts! I love the punch card...haven't tried those before and would like to! Thank you!

Lisa said...

I use the same chart and was thinking about how NOT to have to use expensive stickers every day - I LOVE the punch card idea! Thanks so much, as always. :) Mrs. Mac
First Class with Mrs. Mac

Teacher Tam said...

I love the idea of the punch card. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs.Wolf said...

OMG! I love your punch card! Thanks so much for sharing. I also love your Red Card Report. I've spent several afternoons rushing to write notes to parents and this will save me TONS of time. Thanks again!
Mrs. Wolf

Emily said...

Thank you for the punch cards, LOVE that idea! Last year when I taught reading, I had an ocean theme so I had 3 fish. Green smiling fish = good, yellow straight face = warning, red sad face = bad choice(s). I made a little poster and students had clothespins with their names that they would move from fish to fish. If everyone in the reading group ended group time on green, that group earned a cube (I used unifix cubes). Once the group made it to 10 cubes, they earned a prize. This helped the students to work together and remind each other to make good choices!

Anonymous said...

I can not figure out how to download and print your items!!! Any suggestions?

Ms. Male said...

Found your punch card through Pinterest! Loove it!

A Day in the Life of a 2nd Grade Teacher

Cara Carroll said...

Stop yourself! I LOVE this!!! Thank you, thank you!!! TOO cute! And ohmiword...just read your comment on kindergarten crayons. Are you kidding me with someone "stealing" your stuff?!?! Makes me SO dang mad!!!! I'm so sorry to hear that!!!!

Cara :)
The First Grade Parade

Pamela said...

I loove you punch card idea. Especially the magnet on the back since my kids use tables and share all materials. I will definitely incorporate thia into my behavior management this year.

Mrs. Porter said...

I love the fresh idea of the stamps! Here is an alternative that works really well for me. I have a similar behavior plan that involves flipping colored cards. Instead of a punch on a card for good behavior, students get a stamp on a monthly calendar that they keep in their desks. (The "stamper" is one of our classroom jobs.) The stamps and stamp pad colors are seasonal and usually change each month. Students who don't earn a stamp come see me and I write what color they ended on and sometimes a small note about the behavior that needs to be corrected. They can turn in 10 stamps for a small prize or save up 20 for something bigger. I just put a check over the stamps as they use them and any extra stamps at the end of the month are carried over to the next monthly chart. Anyone who loses their chart misses out on stamps for that month (RESPONSIBILITY!) and gets a new chart the next month. I download and use the monthly calendars from busyteacherscafe.com. Lastly, I send home the calendars at the end of the month and parents have a visual of how their child behaved on a daily basis.

Kinder Fun said...

Thank You, Thank You!!! I love the hole punch idea!!!

Giggles and Squeals said...

Cute Ideas! I might suggest ONE thing. I also do green, yellow, red chart in my classroom but I also have purple (my favorite color) A student earns purple if:

They do something extraordinary. They show kindness, follow the weekly behavior trait we are discussing


I don't have a prize box, when they fill up their punch card they can go straight to purple. When they get that last punch we all stop, they move to purple and we all HIP HIP HOORAY them! It is so cheap and simple and kids LOVE it!

Also, I don't like to use stickers too much either. They fall off and stuff. I always carry a marker and just color over the number. Super easy as a punch!

Love the charts. Thank you so much!

Mrs. Richardson's Class said...

I am a big fan of the punch card! I used them last year and the kiddos loved them! I shared mine on my blog last Friday. I like how yours has numbers though. We could do the same sort of thing but with sight words, too, for sight word recognition. The more those things are in front of them the better! :)


Kinder Latino said...

I love your blog. You have wonderful ideas!! I just started my blog. You are invited to stop by and visit.


Amy C said...

I LOVE the punch cards! I am going to do that instead of sticker charts! Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

Just stopping by to tell you I posted this as one of my favorite back to school freebies! Stop by to see! =) Thank you for sharing those punch cards... I just love them!

Empowering Little Learners!

Carrie said...

I use that exact same management board from Lakeshore! It works wonders :) LOVE IT! And all your fabulous ideas!!

Jackie said...

Love your blog. I am using a bumble bee theme this year. Your behavior management plan is on the same concept like mine. I like the contract that you sent home with the student.


kelly from teachertime123.com said...

Lots of great ideas...can't wait to come back and keep looking! :)

Ginger Snaps said...

I love the behavior note that goes with the color chart! I am snagging that! =)

Mrs. C, Teaching Machine said...

I LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! This has saved me so much time, and it has EVERYTHING that I wanted!!!!

Robin said...

This is cute! We use bingo stamps to stamp their 'behavior color' in their agenda each day. In my experience, the ones who need behavior contracts often don't have a lot of reinforcement at home regarding acceptable school behavior. Do you have to use a special (shaped) punch, so that kids and parents don't ad lib?

Michelle Rist said...

Rachelle, Love this post! Great ideas! One quick question for you...I see you have classroom rules listed on your behavior letter...do you use the same classroom rules every year or do you brainstorm these rules with your class?

Unknown said...

Great post Rachelle! Thanks for sharing! I just linked it up with a current post of mine!
Come and check it out!

❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

Bose said...

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Yesenia Verduzco said...

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE the Red Card Report and the Punch Card. Is there anyway you could email them to me? I sooo want to implement them both in my class. I'm a Bilingual teacher so I would need to translate everything into Spanish.

Thank you,

Cynthia Vasquez said...

Thank you for posting your behavioral ideas and how you implement them! I'm currently a substite teacher and endorsed to teach at the secondary level; however I have done most of my sub work in elementary. Most of the teachers use the card chart but since I knew nothing about it coming in, I had no clue how to effectively use it--especially if the student did go to red! I love the use of the "Red Card Report". The accountability of it is great!

Cynthia A. said...

THANK YOU !!! I absolutely love your punch cards!! I have been using the sticker grids. There are days that are just toooo busy, so I know that a punch card will save me so much time.

Anonymous said...

I have used a punch card for many years, but needed to update the look. Thanks. In the past I would have a choice of prizes that a student could have with a full punch card. One of the choices was to help in a younger classroom for 30 minutes. The kids love to do this as do the other teachers. We would work out a time during open reading or study time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love all of your stuff, it is all so great! Would you be willing to email both the contract and the red car report on word docents so that I could edit them to fit my room and management system. I love the set up, font, boarders, ect. If so I would greatly appreciate it!!! m_millet34@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

I love how you have them be responsible for it...great idea! Free Business Cards

kinder-gardening said...

I love your punch cards. My kids never lose interest. Great idea!

Miss Martin said...

I love using punch cards - it really helps them be more accountable for themselves. I have had students punch their own card before, (without permission, of course) so I like to use the cute punches from craft stores - stars, flowers, etc. Worked wonders!

Amysenter said...

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Jones Harian said...

This is cute! We use bingo stamps to stamp their 'behavior color' in their agenda each day. In my experience, the ones who need behavior contracts often don't have a lot of reinforcement at home regarding acceptable school behavior. Do you have to use a special (shaped) punch, so that kids and parents don't ad lib?

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