Three For Thursday!

Hi friends! It's Rachelle here.
I'm linkin' up with Blog Hoppin'!
 I didn't even ask Natalie to add to this post because it's her first week of school and she's SWAMPED! So here are my 3 for Thursdays!!!

My favorite fonts {click on each font to see its source}:

My favorite blog(s) {UM...I love about 1,000 blogs....just look at my sidebar.....----->}
I have about 996 more blogs that I LOVE and I promise I do love you, but my post was getting out of hand!!!!

You have to go over to their blog and see how Ericka and I met! I love First Grade and Fancy Free!

Kristen always has the best tutorials and ideas! She even designed our blog!

Doesn't their name say it all?  Anytime I'm in a lesson crunch...they're always there to save the day.
PLUS, we've become blogging friends!

I know this isn't a blog, but I love all of Dustin's  ideas {can I call you Dustin?}
Plus he's funny to boot!

Oh and go visit my friend Malarie....she has a CUTE blog too {she doesn't have a button yet}.
You can Make the Sunshine Anytime!

My favorite online resource(s):

I love ESGI. It's basically an amazing website that I've been loving my first week of school {I'll post more about it soon}. 

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And I also love.....

Google! HA! I'm serious...I google EVERYTHING {Google is a verb, ya know}!!

Ok one more, I promise. I love PINTEREST {or as my hubby says "pin interest"..hahah}! Follow me by clicking the icon below.

P.S. If you aren't on our sidebar, and you wanna be...just comment here with your blogs URL. Loves!


Amanda said...

I love your blog! Yours is one of the first ones I found when I started my blog stalking addiction.

Frolicking Through First

Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

Google is great. Even my 4 yr old saya, let's Google it.
I would love to make your blog list.

Ginger Snaps said...

I think it's safe to say that Pinterest is sweeping the blognation! lol

Jenn Bess said...

I LOVE ESGI too! I'm so happy that you know about it - a co-worker friend of mine actually created it and I wasn't sure a lot of people knew about it! YAY! :)

Life of a Kinder Teacher

Natalie Kay said...

DJ Light is my favorite font too! I use it for everything I make.

P.S. You forgot to add that I am now sick! Boo! I woke up with a little sore throat, then throughout the day it has majorly progressed into cold chills and whole body aches. Don't worry, no sub for me - I do not want to have a sub on the first week of school and I especially don't want to write sub plans!

Sarah said...

I use "google" as a verb, too :) And Pinterest is seriously an addiction!

Runde's Room said...

I convinced my husband to join pinterest to keep track of his hockey pools and music videos, and he must have called me 5 times today to ask me questions about how to use the site ... and he's a computer programmer ... silly boys.
I would LOVE to be on your 3 - 6 bloglist:

Runde's Room

Julie said...

Will you add my blog?? Pretty Please?

Miss Dennis said...

Notes from Miss Dennis (2nd grade blog) is at

I'd love to be added to your side bar!
:) Lauren

Busy Bees said...

I always love coming to your blog and seeing your creative ideas!!

The First Grade Parade said...

Yay!! I CAN commment :) Seriously...I'm about to be a commenting fool!!! I'm about to make up for lost time!! Ummm...I wanna know more about the ESGI thing...sounds like something I'll LOVE!!!!!

Cara :)

First Grade and Fancy Free said...

LOVE, YOU ROCK! OH and at our house Google is a WOMAN--haven't you noticed she knows EVERYTHING! More stalking to come, I have a blog post in the works inspired by your car post, vroom

Mrs. Nunley said...

I LOVE your blog! So many great ideas! I would love if you added mine to your list...I'm a newbie at this blogging thing. It sure is fun!

Jodi said...

Completely agree with you about Google! It's awesome and I use it for everything :) Love your blog as well!!


Maria said...

So funny! I didn't think to put google but I do google every single day! Love ur blog! I'm a new follower!! :)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

Aww Natalie, hope you are better. Believe it or not, last year I subbed the first day of school! Hope it doesn't happen this year... lol.

Oh and I'd love it if I was added to the side bar :) Thanks!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

Oh here is my link to make it easier, lol. I've lost my head these days, planning for my dad's retirement party tomorrow. I'm in charge of decor!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Anonymous said...

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