What's Cookin' in Mrs. Smith's 1st grade?

I'm linkin' up with Blog Hoppin'!  This is where is ALL GOES DOWN!

I've been in school for almost a week! It has been so crazy busy right now that I feel like I've neglected you all! I promise I think about you all while I'm dozing off on the couch at 7:00pm while watching *Teen Mom*. I'm just exhausted! :)

Well friends...here it is...my cookin' classroom! :)  I pretty much have gotten all of my ideas from all of you fabulous bloggers! So, if you see something familiar-make sure you click on the link to see where I got inspiration from!

My reading corner is inspired by {this} website 
(Thanks for all of the ideas Mrs. Blankenburg!)

Here is my CAFE Menu.  I made the letters on my computer, but with the polka dot borders from {this} author on TpT for free. I got the CAFE posters from {here}.
The little chef kid in the corner of the board is from Scrappin' Doodles.

This is where I display my students' work. Those are tin foil cookie sheets! 
Today we hung our "first grade dolls" up.

First grade is SO SWEET! I have my birthday balloon sticks {that post can be found here}. I haven't hung up my VIP poster yet because we haven't started it {you can find the VIP poster here}.

Beginning of the year bulletin board inspired by {this} post!
"Ant"icipating a great year!

Calendar {look for an upcoming post about how I conduct calendar!!!}

Table points {inspired by this}, schedule {found here}, and Brownie Points {found here}. 

Daily 5 board!  The polka dot border can be found {here} and the Daily 5 posters can be found {here}.

I love the numbers above my alphabet! I got from Mrs. Lemons {here}.

My kiddos LOVE the crate seats that I made {click here to see how}.

Well, that's that!  Hope your appetites are all satisfied! 
{Get it?  I have a cooking themed classroom...hahaha}

Oh and P.S.  Have you seen my downloads on Ladybug's Teacher Files today?  
Yeah, I made a guest post on her FABULOUS blog! :)  Check it out {here}.


Ginger Snaps said...

I have never seen that theme used before, but it is absolutely adorable! I love it!

K. Mo said...

O. M. G. LOVE the cookie sheets as work displays. Geeee-ni-us! (picture me snapping with each syllable :P)
Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

Kathleen said...

Adorable Rachelle! Love the cooking theme!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!

Kelly said...

I llllloooove a good theme! Super cute! I know your kiddos will love it too!


Peterson's Primary Peeps said...

Aw I love your room! Come check out the giveaway at http://petersonsprimarypeeps.blogspot.com/

Barbara said...

Looks good! I love your cookie sheets!

Grade ONEderful

First Grade and Fancy Free said...

FUN! I have been wanting to see your teacher digs! Love it all! Can't wait for the morning calendar post!

Natalie Kay said...

Very very very very very CUTE!! The cookie sheet idea is just so genius! Great work!!

Busy Bees said...

What a neat theme. I have never seen that before. BTW your room looks awesome,just as I would expect!!

Michelle said...

YUM! So cute and unique. Love it.

Shannon said...

I feel so honored that my room was part of your inspiration! Your room is DARLING and I have to agree that the cookie sheets are a "sweet" touch! Have a SUPER year!

Shannon (Blankenburg)

Kreative in Kinder said...

It looks great! Love it!


Jennifer said...

Your room looks AMAZING! Love the cookie sheet idea!

Rowdy in First Grade

Kathy said...

Too, too cute!!

First Grade a la Carte

Dee said...

Fabulous job! I love it all. Great theme!
First Impressions

Ashley TeBeest said...

Your theme is SO cute!! I love the reading cafe corner!

Kristen said...

Rachelle, your room is absolutely adorable!! I love this theme! I love all of your signs and the paper plates are so cute! Thanks for the shoutout and for guest blogging last week, you are the best :)

First Grade and Fancy Free said...

Love, love, love it!! I copied your birthday pixie sticks this year and I love them! Thanks for all the good ideas!


The First Grade Parade said...

I LOVE your room!!!!! So cozy & inviting!!! That flippin' "Cookin' Up Good Work" board is INSANELY amazing...SO dang creative!!! Love that idea!!! Hope your year is off to a great start!!!

Cara :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad I stumbled upon this site. I'm planning a cooking/cafe theme for next year with my fourth graders. And from one Rachelle Smith to another, your room was outstanding even I'd this post is old.

McMGrad89 said...

The "table points" link is broken. Could explain what it was about? Thanks.

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