02 August 2011

Work on Writing

The Daily 5 craze is all around us.  I'm jumping on that ship for sure! 
I can't lie, I'm super nervous.  I actually really loved the way I ran my choice centers before {you can see how I did that here}, but they were A LOT of work switching them out every 2 weeks, making copies {we're doing a paper crack-down at my school}, and finding missing pieces all over the room! I felt like they were pretty meaningful, but not as much as I'd like. So hence the switch to Daily 5.

Enough of my sob story! :)  I'm thinking of ways to do "Work on Writing".  Since I have a separate time for my kiddos to work on their daily journals {I like checking and helping the students edit their journals each day- I'm not sure I could find time for that if we did it during Daily 5}, I have to think of a few options for my kiddos to do during "Work on Writing".

I think I'll organize my "Work on Writing" like this:

Clutter-free classroom has GREAT ideas {click HERE} 

Here's my idea for "Work on Writing".  Each week there will be:

1. A themed writing page {Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.} like this one:
Click {here} to go to the previous post about these

2. Writing prompt cards in case they can't think of anything to write about:
Click {here} for the cards

3. Blank writing pages
Click {here} for the blank writing page

4. Lists and list ideas

Click {here} for the list and list idea cards

5.  And one I forgot, but a reader reminded me {thanks Lesson from my Boys} is the option for the students to write to the friends! I whipped up some different writing stationaries {11} and here some examples:

Click {here} for the writing stationery

Fonts are from Dj Inkers!

Do you have any questions or more ideas for "Work on Writing"?


  1. Like you, I have a separate Writer's Workshop time, so I have had to do some creative thinking about Daily 5 for Work on Writing, too! I thought I would have the students do their independent reading response letter during Work on Writing (one day a week, possibly cursive practice (one day a week), and then have them work in their writing journals the remainder of the week - making lists, starting new pieces, continuing already created pieces, revising, etc. This will be my first year implementing Daily 5, so I will cross our fingers for all of us first-timers! : )


  2. I really like this idea! Thanks for sharing what you'll be doing.

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  3. Some ideas I had was write around the room, write a letter to a friend, copy/write poetry (maybe they could copy from a big book). I also like the idea of having pictures that are neat and have them choose one to write about.

  4. I'm starting Daily 5 this year too, and I'm nervous/excited/overwhelmed. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Love these Rachelle! Thanks for doing them so I don't have to!

  6. Those are great ideas. I do a modified version of the Daily 5 as well. One thing I love about it is not having to prep for centers.

  7. WOW! You are off to a fantastic start! I started using the daily 5 last November after a very meaningful conference! These are great ideas and will keep your students writing. I added a writing folder in each students book bins to keep on going work during work on writing of the daily 5! I hope that helps!

    I will be posting more about the changes I am making to third grade daily 5 on my blog:

    Check it out!

  8. Great ideas. I'm starting this year with Daily 5 as well. I plan to have them do their reader's response during this time but also leaving room for some free write time. Since I'll be working at an arts magnet, I think I might take your idea of having the idea/picture cards and pull different pieces of art that students can use as a starting off point for writing.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Blackboard and Beyond

  9. Thanks for these great writing ideas. I teach students with learning disabilities and I am always looking for ways to mix up our writing to keep their interest. Thanks!


  10. These are awesome ideas and I cannot wait to use them!!!!

  11. Great ideas. THANK YOU for sharing!!!! My mind is swirling with ideas of how to implement them with my schedule, lay out, etc.

    Thank you again:-)

  12. I love your writing prompts/papers. I used them last year and they were such a help. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  13. Oh my goodness....LOVE!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! my kiddies loved writing in a plain ol' Walmart 5 cent notebook for work on writing. These ideas are way cuter though!!!

    What do you do for word work?
    Marcy @ http://busybeesandcupcakes.blogspot.com

  14. So last year in first grade I found all of these awesome writing frames for the kids to write, but we were on the "You can not possibly make one more copy" sanction so what I did was print off one copy and I put them in a sheet proctors and popped them into a binder. The kids can flip through the binder, but use regular paper.


  15. You could also add fun recipe cards (fun addition to your theme) that way they are doing lists (ingredients) and how-to all in one! As usual, love all your stuff!

  16. I would like to do daily 5 this year too, for the first time, and this post is really getting me excited! Thank you for the awesome freebies to get me started on the writing portion!
    First Grade Frame of Mind

  17. Holy moly! What a generous share! Thanks so very much, you just made my life a bajillion times easier. Bless you woman!

    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  18. Thank you SO much for sharing. I always love checking your blog because you have so many great practical ideas and printables that I love to use. You are so fabulous!

  19. These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing! I'll use them with my Kinders a little later in the school year. They will LOVE them too!

  20. The materials you chose are wonderful. The center looks great!

  21. You have just made my day! I was just telling my teacher buddies this morning that I needed more writing ideas for my Work on Writing center...and wa-lah! You definitely get the gold star for sharing these ideas :) Thanks a million!

  22. Thank you so much for sharing! You are very creative and very generous!

  23. Thank you for sharing your ideas. They're great! I let my kids do free choice writing during Work on Writing because we typically focused on a particular genre during Writer's Workshop. I liked the idea from Lessons from the Boys of Writing the Room, too, especially in kindergarten. Great discussion topic!

  24. Thanks so much for the great downloads! My school has been on a paper crackdown for a few years now, so I have had to come up with a few creative solutions. One thing that I do a lot is slip a worksheet into a page protector and have the kids write on it with dry erase markers. This also works with laminated items.

    Thanks again!
    Adventures in Kindergarten

  25. I will be doing Daily 5 for the first time this year. I agree that it is a lot to take in and think about. I got an idea from another fellow blogger and ran with it. I made a calendar with a writing idea for each day of the month. The students can choose to write about that idea if they can't think of anything.

    Ms. Jackson's in First

  26. I have used the Daily 5 and I love it!!

    :) Camille

    My blog isn't even NEAR the caliber of yours and the others I follow but...


  27. I do many of the same things you do but I also have a few other ones. I have a piece of lined paper with a squiggle already drawn on top. They have to turn the squiggle into something (snake, ice cream, princess, etc...) and then write about it. It's called a Squiggle Story. I also have "Sticker Stories". They can choose two stickers from a collection I have and stick them on their paper. They then have to write a story that included the two stickers. I also do a "Puzzled Story". There are a few very easy puzzles they can choose from to put together. Once they have the puzzle finished, they write a story based on the picture their puzzle made. I also have a choice called "Silly Stories". They choose a noun from a bag of nouns, a verb from a bag of verbs, and an adjective from a bag of adjectives. Then they have to make a silly sentence using the words they chose. They then proceed to write a very silly story based on that sentence. Finally, I also have a real mailbox in my room with my name on it. They can choose to write me a letter or postcard and "mail" it to me. I try to write a letter back to them within a few days. Hope you can use a few of these ideas. I absolutely LOVE Daily 5 and so have my students for the past two years. I would never go back!

  28. I also don't want to sacrifice more structured writing time for the Daily Five, so these will super helpful! Thanks so much! :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  29. I love your stationary! Very cute! I went to see the Sisters last August and they talked about the writing element and for Primary grades they suggested that we have a separate time for writing instruction so what I did was my normal writer's workshop and then each day during Daily 5's Work on Writing they had the choice to pick up where they left off from workshop time or free choice writing. As long as they were writing something I was fine with that. They made cards, posters, stories, wrote other favorite genres like pattern books, poetry, and stories. I think that you are off to a great start and will really enjoy the Daily 5 this year. It is fabulous!

  30. Thank your for all the writing paper. I think you are on the right track for work on writing. I always make sure my students know that this is choice writing and they always find something to write about. Since I teach first I have my students draw a picture with their story as well. The most motivating thing for work on writing was for my student's to share their writing on Friday. My student's loved editing their work to read aloud and even created plays with their classmates. I had a handful of students who would write during any free time and I think it is because work on writing worked so well! Again thanks for the post!
    Rambling About Reading

  31. I will be starting daily five this year along with my first year in first grade. Thank you so much for sharing, I definetly will be using these.

  32. I've been using Daily 5 for the past few years and the kids love it! I love your writing idea prompt cards...Thanks for sharing!

  33. Thank you for sharing these! I also let the students work on their story writing if they want to continue. Those who really like writing like this option.
    Little Priorities

  34. LOVE! Thanks for posting all these goodies. I can't wait to use them & add some more excitement to work on writing.

    I plan to print one copy of each and put them in sheet protectors in a cutesy binder to save paper. They'll do their actual writing in their notebooks or on handwriting paper.


  35. You just made my night...I know it is a lot to compile and share like this and I really appreciate it!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  36. I love your writing prompts. I will be using them. Thank you!

  37. These are wonderful! I'm going to show these to my old second grade team. They will love it!

  38. One thing you could do is integrate some Pat Pavelka ideas for writing during D5. Last year my writing part of D5 was like this.... Monday was Squiggle, Tuesday was Top 10, Wednesday was Choice Topic, Thursdaycwas Character (really, like a literature response) and Friday was I-Spy/Look A Likes. My kids loooooved it and never grew tired of that center. Plus, it was very little prep or thought for me! :)

  39. Awesome shares as ALWAYS Rachelle! I DID make myself cheat sheet scrips the first year I used Daily 5! I bet you will LOVE it!
    Finally in First

  40. Can NOT wait to see your unit with "Hey! You're Great!".

  41. Thank you. My brain was stuck! I love all your ideas, can't wait to make them work in my classroom.

  42. Thanks so much for sharing all of these writing ideas and printables. I like using pictures to help my kindergarten students when writing.

  43. Lovely! Thank you so much- I'll be blogging about you soon! :)


  44. I've been in a classroom that is heavily into Daily 5.

    She had much of the same you did. She also had the kiddos write cards, make posters, and on Monday's did a weekend report of what they did.

    She also had magnetic letters and stamps for word work with her word wall.

    She also does one poem a week that they add to a binder. They read/sing the poem 5 times, once with her then 4 volunteers with pointer. She has an overhead copy that gets put in a binder and that's a center. The kiddos have their own copy that goes in a folder and they get to color/draw what they think the poem means. They love it! At the end of the year, they have a wonderful poem collection, and some even get so excited they write poems and she makes an overhead of it and treats it like the other poems.

  45. You are AMAZING!!!! I absolutely adore all your printables. Thank you sooooooooo much for sharing. You're extremely generous. I am going to try and implement (at least parts of)the Daily 5 this year. ANY ideas, heads-up, helpful hints, would be greatly appreciated.
    Becky G.

  46. Thanks for sharing all these resources Rachelle! I am most excited about the writing idea cards. When students say they have nothing to write about it drives me crazy! Good luck with the new coming school year!

    Kari :)

  47. Thank you! You are a lifesaver. I plan to use your story templates for "Work on Writing" (also my first time using The Daily Five) and your stationery for pen pal letters.


  48. You are consistently fabulous!! Thank you for your willingness to share. I so appreciate your materials, ideas, and strategies. I especially love these picture prompts for writing. I just had to mention them on my post. :)



    First Grade Factory

  49. Thank you for sharing your writing prompt cards & list ideas. I can't wait to print them all for my writing center! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

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  52. These ideas are excellent. I love the different letter paper! Thank you so much!!!!

  53. Interesting ideas..It give me lots of motivation.

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  54. Thank you so much for such great stuff!!