Yes, you read that right!! We are happy to announce the GRAND OPENING of our Teachers Pay Teachers stores!

We want to offer our HUGE units to you on Teachers Pay Teachers for a great price. 
This is the first time either of us are selling anything...EVER {we are both super nervous}!  I promise that we will still offer tons of printables for FREE on our blog weekly, but our HUGE UNITS will be for sale at a great price that are affordable to you, as teachers.
I hope ya'll can support us in the huge {and a little scary} venture!

Here is the preview of what I have made. . .OVER 60 pages!!!!

In this unit you will get:
Math Centers
Problem Solving
October Battleship

Writing Centers
Spelling Centers

5 Art ideas
Q-Tip Skeleton
Paper Plate Spider
Paper Plate Scarecrow
Hand Print Spider

Spider Web Chart
Don't Munch the Mummy!

Reading Response
Interactive read-a-loud
Green Witch, Green Witch book 
Student mini-book
Class Book

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Natalie has also been very busy creating a product to sale on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Here is her 'American History Graphic Organizer' set, which comes complete with 39 pages that cover all of the important American history topics.
Here's a sneak peek at some of the items included in her download:

 If you teach American history, this is a MUST have!! It will help you structure the entire year of your American history curriculum!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations to you, both!

You'll do great with this new venture because you're both so incredibly and creative!

So excited to use the Halloween unit I just downloaded!

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Leave out the "and"....guess I was more excited than I thought! :-)

Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

it's about TIME!!! ;)

First Grade and Fancy Free said...

Yipeeeeee! You guys are awesome!! Good luck with your new store! LOVE!

Kerri and Lindsay said...

Just bought the Halloween Unit and I am so EXCITED for you two! You know how much I love your blog, and all of the great things your create! Congratulations!!
Kerri B

Janae said...

Wow, that is exciting! Congratulations to both of you! Although I am sad I’ll have to start buying your awesome activities. Haha. ;)

The Sharpened Pencil

Jessica said...

yes, I love all your stuff!!


Rachel said...

Welcome to TpT! I am sure you will do great there - you have such a large following and your products are amazing! Be sure to check out the sellers' forum. We have a super supportive group of teachers there.

Wishing you tons of sales!

Minds in Bloom

Michelle said...

How awesome! Your unit looks fabulous!

SunnyDays said...

Good for you! It was so hard for me to make the leap to sell on TpT. It took a while to get over the guilt of not just sharing freely. I think sharing things on my blog and offering lots of freebies along with my priced items (and offering lots of giveaways!) helped ease the guilt a bit. These are tough times for teachers all over and it's incredible to have a venue where we can help other teachers by offering quality materials at very reasonable prices and be rewarded for our efforts at the same time.
Best of luck to you - I have a feeling you are going to rock it out at TpT!!
Sunny Days In Second Grade

newmanm said...

I LOVE the halloween unit! I think that Halloween is one of my favorite seasons to teach, and this unit is super duper cute!!

Charity Preston said...

Good luck girls! You are both amazing and creative, so no matter where you decide to share your work, you will go far! :)

The Organized Classroom Blog

Tracee Orman said...

Good luck! I am sure you will do well at TpT! :) If you have have any questions or need anything, make sure to check out the seller's forum. Lots of tips & advice. Welcome!!

Tracee's Store
Hunger Games Lessons

Hilary Lewis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I love all of your stuff!! AMAZING.

Please add me and share, I just started blogging :) and I love it!

Hilary Lewis said...

Welcome aboard! Your stuff looks amazing! I'm sure you'll do great on TpT! And as Rachel said, be sure to check out the seller's forum! I've gotten so much awesome advice & info there! Good luck to you both!

Kristen said...

I think this is excellent news!! You both have given your hearts and souls to the online teaching community and you deserve selling success! I can't wait to see your future units...I just downloaded the graphic organizers from you, Natalie and they will be PERFECT for my ELL students this year. Thank you guys, love you both and best of luck!!
Kristen :)

Runde's Room said...

Best of luck!!! I LOVE TPT - such a great community of sellers and buyers. Enjoy the ride!

Runde's Room

The First Grade Parade said...

I'll second and third everything everyone has already said!! SO excited for y'all. You deserve nothing but success and I know you'll both do amazing!!! Congrats on taking the leap!! Yay for you both!!!

Cara :)
The First Grade Parade

Jodi said...

You guys will do awesome! Congrats on taking the plunge :)


Ms. Morgart said...

Congrats ladies!! I can't wait to see your products!
Curls and a Smile

Amanda said...

Congrats on opening your store! I love your blog and all the freebies you offer. I'm sure your units will be amazing as well!

First Grade Garden <--new blog :)

Jenn Bates said...

Congrats!!! I think that is terrific and I'm sure you will do well. Your first items look amazing.
Finally in First

Lori Faas said...

Hi Rachelle and Natalie! I received a Versitile Blogger Award and wanted to pass it on to you. Thanks for being so inspiring to me. Head over to my blog!

Love the cute doodle frames.....where did you get them?


Unknown said...

Wow!!!!! Great units!!! CONGRATS on your opening!
You make me wish I taught little people!

❤ Mor ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Paul Edelman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Edelman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Edelman said...

Welcome to TpT, Rachelle and Natalie. Very happy to have you with us. Send me a link to a free item to share in an upcoming 10 Free Downloads newsletter. It'll help you get off to a strong start and introduce you to our community.

Let me know if you ever have any questions.


Paul Edelman
Founder, TeachersPayTeachers

kswoveland said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see all of your amazing things on TpT!! Quick question....How do make the shots of your things for sale on TpT? (The collage you have at the beginning of this post showing what is in your unit.) If you have the time, please e-mail me at kswoveland@nccsc.k12.in.us. You are such an amazing blogger and I love all of your wonderful hard work. Thanks for all you do!!

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