freezing weather, snow, and bears...oh my!

Guess what? We had snow. I know, right?  The day after Halloween, we HAD SNOW and it was only about this much. but I pouted like a 4 year old.  It happens every year at this time and yet I'm always completely baffled when it does! Which brings me to my next point. WINTER.  YIKES!!!! This year is flying by and it means a LOT OF INSIDE RECESS. {insert dramatic music}

I looooove teaching my kiddos about all those fun winter topics....penguins, snowflakes, icebergs, and bears. I usually teach my bear unit in January, but some teachers might like it as a good transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Which now brings me to my next point..... A BEAR UNIT! This unit was actually supposed to be a mini-unit, but I went overboard and after over 100 pages, I think I'm done.

Here's what is included:
*Facts book
*Anchor charts
*Graphic organizers
*Counting bear game
*Place value bear game
*Bear food taste test activity
*Number, picture, word match {with color or black/white}
*Gummy bear graph
*Addition bear sort {with color or black/white}
*Bear word problems
*Bears in a cave {missing addend game} {with color or black/white}
*Bear fact and opinion sort {with color or black/white}
*Opinion writing about favorite type of bear
*Antonym sort and match {with color or black/white}
*Polar bear craft with informational writing
*Paper plate bear craft with informational writing
*Polar bear poem with vocabulary cards
*Teddy bear day!!!!!
  -Parent note
  -Compare and contract
  -Teddy bear measurements
  -Teddy bear questionnaire
  -Teddy bear writing
  -Corduroy reading response
  -Corduroy craft

Here is a sneak peek of a few things:

You can grab yourself a freebie right now! Here's the antonym bear match with the recording sheet. :)
{Click the picture to snag that}

And so, this bear unit is on sale right now to Sunday!
{click the picture below} 

You can win this unit {or any unit from my TpT store} just by following my TpT store and leaving a comment on this blog post, telling me your favorite {or yours students' favorite} thing to do during inside recess! Then, using, I'll randomly pick 3 winners and I'll let you pick an item from my TpT store
Don't forget your email address!

Contest ends Saturday {November 5th} at 11:59pm {EST}


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the freebie!! :)

I'm already a follower of your store. My students love to play multiplication games during indoor recess. They also love using whiteboards, so I'm creating whiteboard tasks they can complete with them to reinforce ELA and math concepts.

Janae said...

What a cute unit! Can't wait to get it. And I also can't wait to meet you guys tomorrow!! :)

My favorite activity is what I call frog ball. All the kids sit on top of their desks and pass a stuffed frog around. The trick is, if you talk, you are out. You also get out by throwing a bad throw, not catching one I thought you could have, and by passing it to someone right beside you. It is awesome. It keeps them quiet and entertained. It's a win win! :)

The Sharpened Pencil

Sandra said...

My kids love to listen to fun stories and their library books. They also love to organize their desks, too!

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

This unit looks adorable!

For inside recess, I bring music that the kids love and just let them dance! We start off my doing some stretches and then we dance our wiggles away. We end with some relaxation music and take some deep breaths as we calm down. The kids love listening to ANT Farm (Disney), Big Time Rush (Nickelodeon), etc. :)

Miss M said...

What a cute unit! I would love to get it :) I follow your blog and your TPT store!

Unfortunately we have had a lot of rain, so indoor recess has happened way more than I would like this year! My students favorite game to play is called Frog and the Fly. You have your students sit in a circle, and choose a "frog hunter" and they stand outside the door where they cannot see or hear us. Then, the rest of the students secretly choose one "frog" (or two if you have a big group, I only have 15 students). The rest of the students are "flies." After the frog is chosen, the frog hunter is invited back in and the game begins!

The object of the game is for the frog to eat all of the flies before the frog hunter figres out who he/she is. The frog eats the flies by sticking his/her tongue out at each fly secretly. When the fly is eaten by the frog, they lay down. If all of the flies are eaten before the frog hunter catches the frog, that student wins!

It is a HYSTERICAL watching the kids trying to be discreet so they aren't caught as the frog! It will take a few times playing the game for your students to get really good at it, but once my kids got it, they ask to play it everyday!

Enjoy the weekend! I will be spending mine preparing for my first parent teacher conferences ever! Ahh!


Sue said...

Thanks for sharing the freebie of your bear unit...I can not wait to use it when I teach bears. I am a follower of your blog and now of your tpt store as well. I will spend more time looking at your units in the future.

At our school for indoor recess the children have a lot of board games....the little kinders have legos and other little toys. I put them in little containers that they can carry. The boys love the action figures and the girls love to make books with markers and crayons.


Deb said...

I'm following your TPT store and LOVE your latest unit!! It looks absolutely adorable!

My kiddos favorite game to play when we have inside recess is Heads Up, 7Up....they also like playing with cars on a street rug I have and putting puzzles together.


Down Under Teacher said...

Thanks for sharing the freebie!

My kids love having free play for indoor recess - and I love to see how they socialise! Their favourite activities are to pay 'teacher' with the big books, play with containers of lego leftover from my son, playing with the polydron and all of the other math manipulatives like tangrams, links - to make long chains, pegboards etc. They also write me cards and letters and want to 'help' me anyway they can!

Oh, and I also follow your blog and store.

Erica Bohrer said...

This looks adorable!!! We do a story in our reader called Splash about bears and I try to do some bear themed activities that week.

As for indoor recess, my students' favorite thing is to watch a movie on the Smart Board. I buy them the movies I loved as a kid: Homeward Bound, Annie, The Muppets, and they are mesmerized. I set the movie up before lunch and teach one student how to un-pause the movie. My recess aide love me. Their next favorite activity is free craft time. I put paper plates with foam stickers on each table. I buy dollar tree craft frames or shapes and each student gets two. They just go crazy creating. I also do recess stations where the students move a clip to different areas in the room. It is almost like centers. This stops too many students from being in the book nook or in art. The recess aide calls the quietest students to move their clips first.

Erica Bohrer's First Grade

Miss Kindergarten said...

The bear unit is too cute! You are so creative! We don't have many inside recesses out here in so cal {thank goodness!!!} but when we do {like today!} I typically put on a movie and my students can watch or draw on scrap paper.


Erika said...

My students favorite indoor recess activity is Four Corners. The person who is it puts their head down and counts out loud to ten while the other kids walk to one of the four corners of our room which are numbered. When it gets to ten s/he calls out a number (1 to 4) and if your corner is called you sit down. Game continues until only one person is left and they become the new it.

2B Honey Bunch

Anonymous said...

I follow your TpT store! During inside recess I usually put on a short video clip from brainpop. My kiddos also love creating patterns and designs using pattern blocks.

Very cute unit!

Gladys said...

Rachelle, the Bear Unit looks adorable!

My littles like to play board games during inside a treat we sometimes let them watch a short movie...they love the Magic School Bus videos.


Becca said...

Hi, this unit looks very cool!

And if it makes you feel better, down here in NZ we have had snow (not where I live, luckily) and it's summer next month!

My kids love dress ups when it is inside play, and so we have a big basket full of them.


Elisabeth said...

I am already following your TPT store! :) I love all your amazing ideas!!! And the bear unit looks adorable!
One of our favorite inside recess things is exercising (I have a kid exercise dvd.. I can't think of the name right off) this helps get them moving and get rid of their extra energy and they love it!
They also like to complete math problems on the board boys vs girls. They can get super competitive! I also do addition baseball boys vs girls... They will answer addition facts quick and go to a base when they make to home they get a point. Each time they miss they get a strike and 3 strikes they are out and it would be the next teams turn. :)


Jackie said...

Thank you for the freebie. My students love to watch The Magic School Bus Videos for inside recess. We do not have very many inside recess day.

Jen R said...

how cute!
we play Apples to Apples - it's such an educational game, and they don't even know it! lol

Anonymous said...

My kids favorite thing to do for inside recess is draw on the whiteboard! They get so excited! I love your blog! Thanks for all the great ideas!
Abby Blunck

Sherry said...

I have the marble run set from Discovery Toys where the students make a path for the marble to come down. Love it! (and Lego) I have so many of your wonderful items from tPT. Keep creating!

Susan H. said...

I follow your TPT store and love checking out your new items.

My favorite indoor recess activity is Adventure to Fitness! I recently found this gem while stalking a few other blogs. My students love it and beg to watch/exercise during indoor recess.

Susan H.

Jennifer K. said...

I am following your TPT store - your bear unit looks awesome!

My firsties love their Perler beads - I currently have enough trays and peg boards for 8 kiddos at a time to work on them and it is always the first "center" to fill up during inside recess. They know that if they can finish their creation I will iron it after school and glue on a magnet so they can take it home to put on their fridge!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Anonymous said...

So, I live in Alaska and my firsties have to go outside to -20. If it is colder than that (which does happen often) their favorite thing to do is walk and talk. Our school is build in a kinda circle and around and around they go. If we have over a week of inside recess and everyone is going stir crazy the principal will take grade levels, clear the halls, and the kids and principal run! So fun!!

Anonymous said...

This unit looks awesome. Thank you for the freebie. I am a new follower of your blog and TPT store.
For inside recess my kids love to work in my science centers and the lego area. Have a great weekend. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie

Ali said...

This unit looks really cute and fun!! I am a follower of your TpT store! My students' favorite thing to do during inside recess is making things with paper! They are so creative. The even build 3D things!


Rachael Sterling said...

I have been following your TPT store for awhile! I loved the Halloween Packet, my kids had so much fun with it! I would L*O*V*E* to have the Guided Reading Pack from your store, it's been on my Wish List since you posted it!
We just started using Adventures Into Fitness online. YOu can sign up for FREE and they are videos your kids can MOVE to for indoor recess! It can get loud BUT my Firsties are MOVING and getting the jitters out so I don't mind! Here's the website:
Thanks for giving away your units!

Marybeth Santos said...

Love this! I shared it on my

Mrs. Saoud said...

Hi Rachelle,

You should check out Adventure Fitness. This is the BEST interactive fitness program which is packed with educational insight while kids move. My county has been using this program for two years and the kids LOVE IT!

Here is a link for an informational video: Adventure Fitness

Primary Graffiti

Gracie said...

I follow your store.
My kids love to play four corners and also like coloring. I got coloring book crayons at Target and the kids LOVE them!

Turtle Girl said...

I follow your TPT store because you have awesome ideas!

For inside recess, I let my kids pull out the board games, puzzles, and art items. It is amazing to see them have so much fun with the board games. In today's technological age, board games seem to be "old-fashioned" so my kids totally get into them!

Erin said...

I follow you! During indoor recess we like to play "Heads Up 7Up" and "Doggy, Doggy Where's Your Bone."

Delighted said...

I already follow your TPT store.

My kids love building things with Legos & Lincoln Logs. It is amazing how creative they can be ... it breaks their heart when I tell them it is time to clean up!

First Grade Delight

Beadboard said...

This new unit is BEARY cute! I'd love to win it! My Kinders' favorite activity during inside recess is our cardboard building blocks. We don't have enuff storage to keep them in the classroom, so out they come when it's rainy or snowy!

Anonymous said...

I am already a follower here and at your TPT store. I just love the wax museum idea. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

I am a follower of your TPT store!! I just got your Guided Reading Pack and Telling Time Packet... and they look great!!! I used your Halloween unit and Witches Brew for Halloween and my students loved them.

For indoor recess, my students like to do "free" centers. I get out Lego's, trains, sticky bricks, puzzles, stencils and rubbing plates for drawing.

Unknown said...

I follow your TpT store!
We love to play games - any kind - during inside recess! We play simon says, or I have Who has, and sometimes board games. :)

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