Wax Museum!

Every year all of our 5th graders participate in our school's Wax Museum program. It is seriously one of the highlights of the entire school year! 

Here's a run down of how things work:
-Students choose a biography on a famous American.
-They read the book and complete the American Hero book report.
-They design a poster, create a costume, and memorize information about their hero.
-For the Wax Museum, the students bring all their stuff and set up in the gym. 
-We invite our school, parents, community members, etc. to come see our program.
-Our students become wax figures and when someone pushes their button they come to life and give information about their hero.

Here are some pictures from this year's museum:
 Aren't these kids absolutely adorable in their costumes?!
(I normally don't post pictures of my students on here, but luckily I'm friends with both of their moms and they gave me permission to post their cute faces.)

And I think these two posters turned out AMAZING!!

If you are interested, I have uploaded (and revamped) all of my resources and put them for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I have included everything you might need to get started and to implement this project in your own school. I'd love for you to check it out!

Does your school do a Wax Museum? 


Anonymous said...

I did one of these when I was younger.
Pocahontas :)
Yours looks like it turned out awesome.

Rachelle said...

Our 3rd grade team does this! I'll totally let them know about your fabulous packet!!!!!!!

oh' boy said...

love this and am pinning it so I remember to go back and look at it :)

Becky said...

I love this idea! Our 4th grade team does something similar to this (A historical talk show). I'm going to share this with them!

Lesson plans & Lattes

Kristen said...

we don't, but this is just so cool! I wish we did this!!

Runde's Room said...

Oh my goodness - this looks like SO.MUCH.FUN!!! What a fantastic idea!

Runde's Room

Meagan said...

Oh my! This is such a great idea! I would have love to have done this. :)

Stacy said...

What a beautiful little girl playing Calamity Jane!

Natalie Kay said...

@ Stacy - Yes, your adorable daughter makes the CUTEST Calamity Jane I've ever seen! ;)

AbbyS. said...

Could I love you anymore Nataile???
I am planning on doing this when I get back. Why do you insist on making my life easier!!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. Last year my students created bio bottles on historic figures. I am definitely add this to the project!!! Cindy from KY

Iris said...

This project ROCKS! It's on my wish list for sure. ; -)

Robin said...

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