Management Monday: Classroom Jobs

I like jobs and I understand how necessary they are in a classroom. It teaches students responsibility, time management, and to take pride in their classrooms. I used to only have about 4 jobs. The rest of my students were *BORED* at the end of the day and our routine was LOUD because the other 20 kiddos didn't have anything to do! Some students don't have a job in my classroom, but they are considered "for hire".  If someone is absent or isn't remember to do their job, I'll hire them to fill in!

 I included what each job does, but you can have them do whatever you want!

I made the job cards so they fit in this {from Really Good Stuff}:
Mine looks like this:

I put velcro on their names and velcro on the outside left of the schedule chart {I want to be able to use it every year, so the names are removable}. The actual job is what I rotate/move each week.

How do you manage your classroom jobs?

*clipart and or fonts by DJ Inkers (

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