Valentine's Day Parent Gifts

Parent Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day!

This year, we are going to write this poem and draw a picture of our parents:

We'll write it on this cute paper and glue it onto Valentine's Day scrapbook paper.  Then, laminate:
Click {here} for the download

And....we'll also make magnets for our fridges at home that we can give to mom and dad!  Put a picture of each little kiddo in the center. Here is my example. They look like this:
  Although I keep growing
One inch at a time
I will always be
Your Valentine!

We will stick a piece of magnet tape on the back of it (the hand it made from foam paper).
-The Dollar Tree has foam paper in a 20 pack for....guess how much.....$1.00!!!!  I bought 5. :) oops.
-I got my magnet tape at Hobby Lobby (I am in love with that store)
-Have a parent helper trace and cut out each students hand.
-Labels for the poem are Avery 8160

Click {here} for the hand print poem labels

Thanks Brittany for letting me raid your files and giving me inspiration for these ideas!

Any other parent gift ideas???


Laurie Keyes said...

We make "Promise Books" for parents. Included is a cover with 5 pages: Good for one "I Love You", Good for one smile, Good for one hug and Good for one kiss. On the last page, student make up their own. (Good for one clean bedroom, good for one doing homework without complaining, etc)

Laurie Keyes said...

PS - I LOVE this idea, though!!!

Jodi said...

Cute and easy! Thanks for sharing!


Brooke Perry said...

once again...SO cute!

Ladybug said...

Another cute idea! Can't wait to try this next week! :)

AbbyS. said...

LOVE THESE! Thanks so much for linking up to Teacher Talk Thursday!
I love your ideas. I really need to get my Valentine stuff out and ready to go. THANKS.

Carie Ramirez said...

Love it! Thank you so much for sharing such a cute Valentine's gift!

learningmyself said...

Super cute and super generous! Thanks!Amy

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