Lots of our fabulous readers have asked if I do "Star Student". Well, I do. 
BUT, I call it VIP. 
I just think it sounds super official and important. YA!  Very-Important-Person.

I send home a  bag with the kiddo who is the VIP that week. I got the bag from Hobby Lobby and the dog from Wal-Mart.

Inside of the bag:
*Directions for the parents about their childs' VIP week
*Stuffed dog named Andy
*Adventures with Andy book for kids to write in
*Me Sack

VIP Directions:

Adventures with Andy book {I just stick it in a binder and put the writing pages in individual sheet protectors}. The kiddos take Andy home and play with him, then they have a parent help them write about it and draw a picture. This is their FAVORITE! {You can do any stuffed animal. In my student teaching, my cooperating teacher did this cute little frog because her classroom theme was frogs-I got the idea from her!}

The "Me Sack" is a label stuck on a brown paper bag. It's like show and tell, but the items need to be able to tell about the child and it better {p.s. I hate show and tell}. Then, the other students can ask 2 questions and have 2 comments about the items. :)  My friend and teaching buddy Ashlee gave me this fabulous idea. Click {here} to download the labels.

At the beginning of the year, I send home an "All About Me!" poster to return the first week. I like to do that so when their child is the VIP they don't get overwhelmed.    Sorry folks, I got this poster from my teammates and it's not digital!  But I did try to recreate it and you can download it at the bottom of this post {you will need to print it out and then enlarge it on your copy machine to fit on 11X17 paper}.

I'm always the VIP first. :)

I'd love to hear some feedback!!!!! Maybe even some tips!

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Ashley said...

That is a neat idea!!! I have always done a poster similar and put it outside the classroom for other kids to see!!! I love the VIP status that your kids get.

Tara Sumner said...

I clicked on the download here VIP and it didn't work... Did I do something wrong?

I loved the idea though!! I always dislike Show and Tell!


Mrs. I said...

OMG! My daughter has that dog and she calls his Dogdog. She told us the other day that he is the only one he loves more than us. Sorry, had to share!

Cathy I.
Mrs. I's Class

Diane said...

This is great and I love calling it V.I.P. and that there is a little something special each day. I'm moving to 1st grade after teaching mostly 4th and 5th grades and a little bit of 3rd. Years ago I taught 2nd grade and did a Star of the Week. I like this better and it wouldn't take very long each day. I really think I will use this.

I wasn't able to find any labels, but I was able to download the other pages.


Stephanie said...

I send home a "stuffed" animal friend with my Star Student each week as well. However, I use a Webkinz. If you aren't familiar with Webkinz, they are cheap and have a wonderful interactive website for children to do. I change the password each week so ONLY the Star Student can play on the site! They LOVE it!!!

Journey of a Substitute Teacher (Ms. T) said...

I remember in 2nd grade my teacher would have a VIP of the week. It was a big deal.

We had a chart like you and posted it on a special spot on the wall. Then there was a table underneath and we could bring in special stuff to put on it like collections and stuffed animals.

Kids could ask the VIP any questions about their stuff or their favorite things.

Every kid in the class would get a paper with a spot to write and draw. They would write at least 2 sentences about the VIP kid and draw a picture about the VIP kid. For example, they always had to say "I like ...." and it could be what they liked about the VIP or what toy etc. My teacher and the VIP would also do this. My teacher was an awesome artist!

At the end of the week, the VIP student would get a bound book, with laminated cover with their name on it and stickers on it and all the VIP sheets the other kids wrote. It is so special and I still have mine :)

Markeeta said...

I send home a Webkinz each weekend. The kids write in a journal about their time together and either draw or include pictures. They can also play on the website. Last year I did a blog for our pet. I supplied the parents with the login and at the end of the weekend they blogged about the time. On Monday I shared the blog on the SMART board with the kids. Some of them would have checked it before they got to school and a few even started commenting on each others weekend!

kinderpond said...

Very cool :) Thanks for sharing!


chikwithyarn said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful idea. I was thinking about doing something like this with my kinders this year. Awesome!

Kelly said...

What a great idea, I will need to come up with a way to adapt to my year 4 kids as s ome of them would roll their eyes at the idea of taking home a stuffed toy. . . Maybe getting a cheap digital camera and they document something that they have done over the weekend and write about it to get an insight into their lives.

Thanks for sharing

PS you have a wonderful day for a birthday :).

g-girl said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing the download too. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to do it in my class. When I team taught, we would send home a blank posterboard for the weekend so the star/vip could put a bunch of pictures and they would bring it back on Monday to put on display. With the teacher, they told about themselves (pretty much everything you have on the poster) and the teacher would dictate and put this up next to the photos. Then at the end of the week, (oh and of course a special stuffed animal goes home with the child along with a blank art journal to fill up with pics of activities done with the stuffed animal), the parents come and we celebrate by sharing about the pictures, reading what was dictated to the teacher, doing a read aloud, and also sharing a special snack. I love all of it but it's a bit much!

Angela said...

Thanks for the download! I wanted to do some sort of star student this year, but hadn't quite figured out what I was going to do. I like your idea so much!

Mrs. Lopac Teaches...

Ali said...

I LOVE the idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!


Randee said...

Great ideas! I'm definitely going to create a bag for my student (OWL) of the week and get a stuffed owl and journal! LOVE those ideas. A couple of of things students do during their week are...bring in their favorite book, have a lunch buddy (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or just get to sit w/a special friend) one day, parents also send in a special letter to the class telling about their child.
How about them apples?

Unknown said...

It's official, I'm changing my take-home animal's name to Andy! Love this -- thanks for sharing!

Cyndy said...

I would LOVE to do something like this this year... now you have given me something to think about! Thanks for sharing!!
Counting with Coffee

Anonymous said...

I really like your poster for VIP. We always order a set, but yours is much cuter and free. Thanks!

Rachel Lynette said...

Great idea to send the poster home at the start of the year. I did Super Star of the Week. At the end of the week we made a class book for the Super Star -each child made a page with a positive affirmation about the SS and a picture. The SS made the cover. I would put my page at the end. Older students would come back years later and tell me they still had theirs.

Mrs. Miller said...

Love this idea! I have done the poster and share day, but like the notebook idea. Thanks for sharing.

Becky Long said...

I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing. I am going to change some things for my student of the week.


Kerri and Lindsay said...

I love this! I do the same thing but I send home Skippy Jon Jones with a little journal in a backpack. The kids LOVE it! Thanks so much for the cute pictures!

kinderdi said...

Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing. I do something similar, although the child returns the bag on Monday with items that help us get to know him/her, photos, and the story all at once.

First Grade and Fancy Free said...

Love this! I HATE show and tell as well, shhhh!! We do an assigned show and tell, which I have to admit is not near as bad as bring what ya want. Haha. Thanks for sharing!

Literacy Teacher said...

Very Cute! I use to send home a book with a stuffed bear. The students would draw a picture in the beginning of the year (because they could not write stories.) Some parents would take a picture and place it in the book which I thought was great!

As the year progressed, the students wrote in the notebook telling about the adventure they had with the bear.

I do love your ideas and really like the one page with different facts.

Maria said...

Very cute idea! I love it! 2 questions I have are:
1. Do you think its too immature for 3rd graders? Id like to try it with them but Im not sure if they'll take it serious or not.
2. Does every child get to be VIP at one point or do they have to earn it?

Love your blog by the way!


Rachelle said...

@Maria-I don't think it's too immature for 3rd graders! Maybe you can have a baseball or football that the boys take home....????

Yes, everyone gets to be the VIP! :)

Anonymous said...

Maria I also teach 3rd grade, and that is something that I am concerned about. I'd really like to do this in my classroom because 1) I feel like it would be something fun for the kids to do and 2) it would be a great writing activity.

I like the idea of doing a football or baseball. I was also thinking about getting a stuffed mascot of our state's sport team. Maybe that would make it slightly more mature?

I do something similar to the "me sack" but mine is at the beginning of the year. We read "What's in the Sack" on the first day and then everyone brings back their sack the next day and we discuss them all at once. I may consider doing it as I do my star of the week.

Love the great ideas!

Lidia @ KinderLatino said...

You have wonderful resources. Thanks for sharing.
I would love for you to participate in my Freebies/ Giveaway Linky Party. Lets collect as many freebies for teachers before going back to school.❤

Lidia at

Anonymous said...

This sounds sooo cool! Love the idea. What do you do if do not bring it back on time or at all?
Thanks for sharing....

Ms. L said...

Such a cute idea! Now do you keep all the stories about Andy from previous VIPs in the binder as well?

Jamie @ Teaching Little Firsties!

Mrs. Farber said...

I love the idea of having something for the whole week! I have a stuffed animal go home called Bently and the students write in a binder about their weekend and then share on Monday what they did with Bently and they are always super excited for their weekend with Bently. I love all your extras of VIP actives for the week, thanks for sharing all your ideas!


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