Constitution Day!

I hope everyone is already planning on celebrating Constitution Day this Friday! I've been making plans of my own and I thought I'd share some of these plans with you.

My first BIG plan....

My friend's husband is currently serving overseas and is organizing some service projects for the troops. This includes sending care packages and such, but it also includes making quilts and sending them to soldiers in need. She is going to come in on Friday and bring a quilt that someone else has sewn and my class is going to tie it! I thought, what better way to show respect for our Constitution than to do service for those who are defending it!

Other plans include:
  • Using one of the graphic organizers from my tpt store to teach about the different parts of the Constitution. 
(Here's a free copy of this page for you!!)
  • Showing one of my favorite School House Rock music videos: The Preamble!

(Along with this, I always have my students memorize the Preamble as well!)
  • I've already made copies of this Constitution crossword puzzle:


This does look like a challenging puzzle. I'm thinking I'll let my students use our social studies textbook (that also has a copy of the entire Constitution in the back) to help them look for answers. That way it will make it more of an information scavenger hunt.

  • And, if I have time, I thought it would be fun to do an art project. The website above, ( is also hosting a Constitution Day poster contest. It might be fun to let students use their creativity and come up with some fun patriotic designs for the contest.
What are your plans for Constitution Day?


Rachelle said...

It's tough to teach about the constitution in 1st grade. I give them a simplified explanation of it and we talk about National symbols. I show a powerpoint too. It's not great, but it's something! :)

Natalie Kay said...

Rachelle - It would be really easy to talk about the three branches of government on a 1st grade level. Show them the pictures of the White House, Capital Building, and the Supreme Court Building and talk about the people who work there and some of the main jobs they do.

Just a thought. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I was thinking of showing the School House Rock video, and now I don't even need to look it up! :)

Leslie said...

Both united streaming and safari montage have good videos for American symbols for 1st! If your school has a subscription you are in luck! If not, try

Kerri said...

We also started learning the Bill of Rights song for Hope of America!

Anonymous said...

I really like this graphic organizer, but I thought I should mention the Missouri Compromise happened in 1820 and had to do with slavery in admitting territories. The Great Compromise or the 3/5 Compromise would be appropriate for the Constitution.

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